6 tips to protect your hands against snow, wind and cold

6 tips to protect your hands against snow, wind and cold
Timely preparation of the defense (or protection) of the sensitive skin on the hands will prevent negativity caused by cold and wind.

  1. Wiping your hands with a warm towel (after washing) is a basic rule (because the evaporation of moisture is the basis of all frostbites).
  2. 5 minutes dedicated to your hands once or twice a week – massage your hands with an oily cream. Creams with lanolin are recommended, while glycerin creams should be avoided during the winter (because glycerin does not resist water and can easily dry out the skin or cause skin cracking).https://www.walmart.com/ip/Palmer-s-Olive-Oil-Formula-Hand-Cream-Tube-2-1-oz/46008072
  3. Fingertips begin to tingle and pain occurs – rub your hands and fingers vigorously (one from the other) until you feel pain. Cross your arms and place them on your shoulders, as this will establish normal circumcision. It is useful to wear 2 pairs of gloves. Put on one of the silks first, and let the others be woolen gloves or with fitted leather. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Palmer-s-Olive-Oil-Formula-Hand-Cream-Tube-2-1-oz/46008072
  4. Cream after each hand wash – put the “dough” on your hands after each wash. “Dough for hands” can be made at home: boil one potato. Peel and mash the boiled potatoes. Add the juice of half a lemon and one tablespoon of glycerin. This is an excellent skin care product for the hands. It can be kept for several days.
  5. Camphor oil for cold days – once a week (best after bathing in warm water), rub the skin on your hands, neck, face and legs with camphor oil. Camphor oil will clean the skin well, which becomes smooth and soft and at the same time resistant to cold.
  6. Warm chamomile tea against cold and frostbite – dip your hands and feet in warm chamomile tea. Wash your hands in cold water after a few minutes. Repeat the procedure as needed.



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