Chewing bread crust will save your teeth (Plus: homemade cosmetic vinegar is good for all generations)

Chewing bread crust will save your teeth (Plus: homemade cosmetic vinegar is good for all generations)
Flawless skin tone contributes the most to the freshness of the face. Skin is the most beautiful decoration that protects the body, but also reflects the psycho-physical state. The tone of the skin reflects all changes due to a broken state of health or psychological imbalance. We need to feed the skin from the inside by eating light and healthy meals. Proper breathing provides enough oxygen to the bloodstream, and movement revives the bloodstream (because the blood needs to reach the surface layers of the skin tissue). And the blood flow (supplied with all these vital elements) is the most powerful tool in achieving a healthy appearance.

  1. Beautiful skin tone requires external care. After each cleaning or washing, the natural acid should be replenished by using a lotion in the form of cosmetic vinegar.
  2. The skin should be coated with vegetable oil (or oil cream), which gives softness.
  3. The skin on the hands dries the fastest. Rub the skin on your hands with some vegetable oil after each hand wash. Rinse well and coat with cosmetic vinegar.
  4. Lemon juice has an extremely beneficial effect on the skin on the hands for all ages (it is especially beneficial if the hands are rough from hard physical work).
  5. Hair – intake of fruit juices, honey, vegetable oil (for example as a useful seasoning in salads) is useful for the shine and healthy appearance of hair.
  6. For dry and brittle hair, it is convenient to take one spoonful of sucocret oil every day. Massage the scalp with olive or castor oil (by rubbing it into the roots of the hair). And lemon juice is an unsurpassed care product (rinsing your hair with lemon juice will compensate for the natural acid that protects the hair).
  7. Cosmetic vinegar is also an excellent skin and hair care product. Soak 2 tablespoons of dried mint in half a liter of cold water. Put it on the fire and wait for it to boil. Cook for a few more minutes. Strain and add half a liter of apple cider vinegar. Leave for 48 hours before use.
  8. Cosmetic vinegar for hair and skin care: mix half a liter of water and half a liter of apple cider vinegar. Let it cool and then add a spoonful of geranium oil. Pour the liquid into the bottle and close it tightly.
  9. Eyes sensitive to light lack vitamins A and B (liver, milk). And vitamin C is an excellent supplement to preserve vision (lemons, oranges, tomatoes, red peppers). The general rule for eye care is to rinse the eyes with cold water. This will refresh and beautify the eyes more than any other preparation.
  10. Chewing bread crust will save your teeth. Snack on crusty bread, raw vegetables, sunflower seeds every day. Teeth should always be properly and regularly cleaned and cared for. You can nourish the teeth through the bloodstream by taking in minerals and vitamins (which will protect the teeth from decay). Tooth decay can be largely prevented by proper nutrition.


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