10 interesting stories about Italian women in the 20th century

10 interesting stories about Italian women in the 20th century

  1. Women from Italy changed drastically after the Second World War compared to Italian women from the beginning of the 20th century. The war, the Allied invasion and economic events had a strong impact on the Italian woman of that time. Women gradually become declaratively and factually equal with men. Many areas of human activity included women at that time, which were unthinkable and forbidden to women.
  2. In Italy, only 2% of women were employed before the First World War and during the period between the two world wars. The only goal of young Italian women at that time was to get married, start a family and run their own household. Her husband took care of the economic and material moment. Already 7% of women were employed after the end of the Second World War. The situation then changed. Italian women now rarely leave their jobs, even though they are ready to get married and start a family.
  3. Women bring home a salary every 1st of the month. Women are enabled to have economic stability and follow fashion events. Women already dress and groom themselves according to their wishes and fashion awareness. This is where the profound change of the Italian woman is reflected. The man was the all-powerful master and his wish was commandment until the beginning of the Second World War. The woman then proves that she is capable of performing even the most complicated tasks.
  4. Women are equated with men’s rights in the 1950s in the 20th century. A woman becomes independent. Statistics prove these observations. About 60& young Italian women marry and agree to marriage with great premarital sexual experiences.
  5. About 80% of requests for divorce were filed by Italian women of that era. Divorce was then based on separation from the husband (while until the beginning of the 20th century, an Italian woman was regularly exposed to ridicule and ridicule from society and the community). A divorced woman in Italy is more mature already in the 50s and 60s of the 20th century (of course with a justified reason for the divorce).
  6. A woman is capable of working and taking care of maintaining her own life, which enables her to continue living without alimony from her husband and maintenance (even after separation from her husband).
  7. Italian has changed and found a new place in society. The Italian woman secured many rights that she did not have until then, although she did not decide to give up her age-old desire to become a mother (Alberto Moravia’s book “The Roman Woman”). The number of divorces is increasing, but so is the number of marriages, because Italian women still want to own a house, start a family and become a mother.
  8. The Italian woman is free to build the future, happiness and life she wants. Women in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century only saw protection and obligation in marriage, while Italian women in the later years of the 20th century sought love, attention, tenderness and equal treatment of men towards women.
  9. Great changes in Italy from the beginning to the end of the 20th century brought the greatest freedom to women. Women were masters of their own body and mind and knew how to use it properly for the benefit of the family, society and their own well-being.
  10. The fashion and cosmetic creators of that era (Balestra, Veneziani, Antonelli, Sarli, Mignolino-Gugenheim, Shubert and later on Versace, Prada, Valentino, Dolce& Gabanna, Gucci, Fendi, Trussardi and others) put the Italian woman on a “pedestal” on which she still stands today.





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