6 ways to quickly restore energy and good mood

6 ways to quickly restore energy and good mood
Even the strongest persons with strong immunity can feel tired (due to illness, sudden life changes, fast pace of life and other accompanying phenomena). It is manifested by slowed reflexes, reduced blood pressure, occasional moodiness, poor sleep and constant moodiness.

  1. A good mood is the main condition of human balance – a person should resist bad thoughts as much as possible. Organize your life so that working hours, hours of rest and some form of entertainment are harmoniously complemented.
  2. Activities that relieve a person’s mental state – do any type of activity that relieves a person’s spirit. It can be walking, hiking, sports, reading, cinema, TV, theater, listening to music, etc. – after eating, it is best to lie down for a while with a favorite activity (reading, listening to music, etc.) – it is also appropriate to lead an interesting and casual conversation that does not include topics from regular life. This small respite rests the human spirit in relation to business, family and personal conflicts.
  3. Excessive amounts of food will not solve mental fatigue – some people take comfort food (meat or fat, which is considered extremely useful for the human body) as soon as they feel the first signs of fatigue.
  4. The cause of constant fatigue is most often poor nutrition – the loss of vital energy occurs due to accumulation in the body (waste from poorly digested and unsuitable food). The cause of constant moodiness should be sought in poor nutrition and especially in poor digestion. Eat often and light food instead of large portions. Avoid foods that are difficult to digest (sauces, meat fried in fat) and instead take grilled meat and fresh vegetables that “cleanse” the body very well.
  5. One day without any meal – some dieticians suggest that every person should have one day without any food once a week or a month. People often make mistakes when trying to maintain balance with frequent intake of drugs, coffee or alcohol. The effect of these foods is quick but very short. Excessive intake of these means can make any person even more tired.
  6. Vitamin C is the best remedy for tired nerves – vitamin C can be taken in pills or in fresh form (cabbage, parsley, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, lemons, oranges, apples, etc.). Vitamin C is also easily destroyed by cooking, so it is always better to eat vegetables and fruits fresh.




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