8 reasons why fairy tales are healing and useful (so it’s good for both children and adults to read them)

8 reasons why fairy tales are healing and useful (so it’s good for both children and adults to read them)

  1. Fairy tales are fantastic stories in which a certain artistic content and meaning are symbolically expressed – says the definition.
  2. The main characteristics of the fairy tale are the free scope of fantasy, the use of miracles as a means of breaking the shackles (which nature imposes on man), the conflict between good and evil, and finally the element of justice that always and necessarily wins, unlike life.
  3. Fairy tales have elements of magic and fantasy, but they regularly imply a real and concrete premise. Fairy tales seem arbitrary at first glance.
  4. Nevertheless, fairy tales in their own way reflect the local national spirit, spiritual age-old history, national customs and life habits, ethics and aesthetics. In this, the fairy-tale precious, in a certain sense, irreplaceable educational-pedagogical quality and effect.
  5. Fairy tales give an image of specific racial, social, social and national characteristics.
  6. Fairy tales also contain one component common to all people (regardless of the climate in which people live). Readers in fairy tales often find their own personality expressed to such an extent that one stops almost in surprise at the realization of the same human nature and related motives that drive all people of humanity to resist evil in the name of goodness, honesty, integrity and truth.
  7. Fairy tales will have all the conditions to be well received by the audience (readers), especially if the printed fairy tales are technically well-equipped with accompanying informative discussions and illustrations.
  8. Due to all the above definitions and explanations, fairy tales are extremely healing for children and adults (especially for the psyche and then for carefree entertainment). Both children and adults can have fun and learn something new by reading (or flipping through colorful, colorful and interesting pages) fantastic and fictional stories.





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