3 suggestions for creating a miniature collection exhibition in the home

3 suggestions for creating a miniature collection exhibition in the home
Any person of any age at any moment in life can become a collector. Collecting various objects (pictures, old money, postage stamps, fridge magnets, mini objects, old postcards, porcelain, pottery, matchboxes, butterflies, etc.) can start with just one object. Over time, relatives, neighbors, friends, acquaintances also get involved in the search for that item. Even the smallest trifle can be an interesting item to create a new collection.
Such collections can also become decor in the home and easily fit into the environment. It is desirable to find the best place, the most suitable lighting and the most convenient position (when creating such a collection in the home). Thus, each new collection will be fully expressed and become part of a harmonious whole. Each person should decide independently whether to keep the collection as a whole or in parts in several rooms of the home. Everything depends on the size of the collection, the size of the room and the objects that are collected in the collection.
Here are some suggestions for new collections and potential collectors:

  1. Butterflies – it is preferable to have a light wooden fence in the hallway or living room. You can independently make partitions from chipboard or stronger cardboard for a collection of butterflies. Stores usually throw away packaging (cardboard boxes, wooden boxes for storing food and groceries), so it is useful to get something similar. Let the partition be, for example, made of rarely placed and polished slats. You can put butterflies in small frames, but of unequal sizes to avoid monotonous symmetry. The back of the wall can be solved in the same way and the frames can be attached from the other side. And various decorative ceramic (or porcelain) plates can be hung on this kind of wall (instead of butterflies). It is important to point out that butterflies can fade from excessively strong light and placed under glass. In addition, moisture can damage butterflies.
  2. Porcelain – every house has at least one service for coffee or tea or a set of porcelain plates that is usually kept closed in the closet and collects dust. Any wall in the home will be the perfect base to hammer in nails and attach a nice plate or cup to the wall. The wall above the low and long wardrobe will be very suitable for creating such a collection (mini exhibitions in the home). They don’t have to be complete sets to make a good collection. For example, arrange the objects so that they correspond to each other according to their position and create an asymmetrical but still harmonious whole.
  3. Shells – most people sometimes collected shells or received shells as gifts. Collected shells of all sizes, colors and shapes will be an excellent solution for decoration and creating a new collection, i.e. a mini exhibition in the home. It is best to have a shelf with recesses or a simple light shelf with several compartments. A collection of shells (or corals or jewelry) will stand out the most in a room with a low ceiling, especially if you paint the interior in a green-blue color and illuminate it with a hidden light bulb that evokes the sea.


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