4 smart rewards after every success in life

4 smart rewards after every success in life
If we decide to give a prize to a person or in general, then it usually means that we will not give apples and carrots (but a specific prize). However, for better control of body weight and blood sugar, each person should consider adopting new eating habits to avoid unintentional mistakes. Taking food (if the person is not hungry) is often connected and stimulated by emotional states (boredom or anxiety, circumstances and situations in anticipation of something or a meeting, self-reproachful thoughts and physiological needs in terms of bad food choices). Break the dangerous cycle of thoughtless food choices. Choose a reward without calories if you want to reward yourself or another person for your success.

  1. Relaxation after a hard day’s work – make a list of relaxing activities (listening to music, reading, walking with the dog, any form of socializing, writing blogs, etc.) that necessarily exclude food.
  2. Successes should be celebrated somehow – each person should celebrate both small and large victories in accordance with circumstances and possibilities. Neither benefit nor fun will bring renunciation. Some prizes mean spending money (sporting event, cinema or theater or music concert, massage, gym, etc.) and some are free (any form of walking, enjoying a fragrant and flowery park or a sunset scene, visiting a museum when the entrance is free or the so-called “open day for all”, etc.).
  3. Healthy food options throughout the week – plan healthy food options throughout the week. Do at least one physical activity a day. Reward yourself and loved ones with one of your favorite activities (like going to a museum, etc.).
  4. Look at all worries and problems from a different angle – going for a walk in nature is a great way to relieve stress and negative thoughts. Look at worries and adversity from a different angle and persevere until you find any other perspective. Many worries can be shared (explained) to other people and thus get advice from people with other (different, same or similar) life experiences.


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