10 ways to move even more for all generations

10 ways to move even more for all generations
Heart and feet – If wounds, scratches and blisters on the feet prevent a person from exercising, then it may be a case of poor circulation. A person should visit a doctor for adequate help and take some measures: maintaining perfect foot hygiene, using plasters or bandages, wearing socks made of natural fibers and comfortable and always roomy shoes.
Research confirms that sitting for several hours increases the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer, metabolic syndrome (so-called sitting disease), and even premature death. Likewise, research shows that most people spend time (as much as 57%) on sedentary activities (in a sitting position), while only 5% of people actively engage in moderate to intense physical activities.
10 tips for every person to move even more, at least moderately

  1. Try standing or walking while talking on the phone.
  2. Get up to change the TV channel while ironing, sitting and watching TV, putting laundry in the basket, etc.
  3. Walk or ride a bike regularly if you need to do some activity in the immediate area.
  4. More movement is always desirable (going to yoga, walking in the evening).
  5. Avoid long stays of several hours in the halls due to a meeting, visit or agreement (private or business) – choose a walk while talking or conducting meetings – if you have the opportunity.
  6. Park the car further from the required location – to reach the goal on foot, or get off 2 bus stops earlier/later to the goal.
  7. In public transport, offer a seat to another person while you stand for the rest of the ride.
  8. Stop using the elevator and climb the stairs only.
  9. Place a high desk in the home – so do all the housework (or most of the housework) standing up.
  10. Always keep your sneakers close to the exit door and at least go for short walks during breaks or free time.


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