Pay 3 minutes a day of attention to everything that surrounds you and remember up to 5 people who make you happy (exercise for better heart function for all generations)

Pay 3 minutes a day of attention to everything that surrounds you and remember up to 5 people who make you happy (exercise for better heart function for all generations)
Deep breathing
Deep breathing changes the exchange of information via nerves between the heart and the brain – which reduces stress – says Noel Beri Merc (director of the Center for Heart Health in Women at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles).
Start your day by cleaning your arteries
With a good breakfast, you send a microscopic team of specialists into the intestines and bloodstream to target the fatty deposits on the arterial walls and lower high blood pressure. There are plenty of foods for a healthy breakfast, but with this choice you achieve a triple benefit – oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber, which lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Fruit (due to its rich content of potassium and other plant-specific ingredients) helps maintain healthy blood pressure.
Soluble fibers are good for the heart, so it is important to eat fruit throughout the day
Research shows that eating fruit 4 times a day reduces the risk of heart attack by as much as 30%.
Coffee with a pinch of cinnamon powder will relax the arteries

A little milk with 1% to 2% fat will not harm the heart. In fact, it turns out that people who use dairy products without fat (0%) consume much more calories than other foods (especially from refined carbohydrates) – say experts from the Friedmann School of Nutrition at Tufts University (Boston, Massachusetts).
For a good start to the day – soluble fiber from fruit and oatmeal binds to bad cholesterol from the intestines and takes it out of the system. Other foods rich in useful fibers are barley, sprouts, bulgur, wheat, parsnips, many types of fruit (especially pears and plums) and pumpkins (which are an excellent source of vitamin A).
Let the body work for the person’s own benefit
By simply repeating “stress is just my body’s way of helping me get out of a difficult situation” the above statement can be achieved. The research was conducted at Harvard University (Cambrigde, Massachusetts). Research has shown that people who repeated this mantra (before starting to do some difficult and demanding work) had blood vessels much more relaxed than people who did not repeat this sentence.
Panic and haste at the cellular level in people awakens the primal instinct for the “Fight or flight” reaction (that is, increased secretion of stress hormones occurs). Cortisol (one of those stress hormones) rushes into the bloodstream and narrows the arteries, causing blood pressure to rise. Some substances on the arterial walls can make “small scratches” and “cracks” due to increased blood flow. It is the perfect place for LDL cholesterol to accumulate. Stress hormones contribute to the creation of inflammatory processes and make the blood more susceptible to the formation of clots. In women, especially, stress can cause spasms (cramps) in the thin arteries, which weakens the work of the heart muscle. But the heart is a wonderful machine and it can recover. One study from 2012 says that among respondents who took certain measures to eliminate stress, the risk of a heart attack decreased by 48%.

  • spend 3 minutes observing everything in your environment. Use all 5 senses to study your current environment. Thus, negative thoughts about past and possible future events and negative predictions are “out of the head”.
    Sorting through the past and worrying about the future are the 2 main causes of stress
  • think of up to 5 more or less famous people who make you happy and who put a “smile and joy on your face”.
    Heart doctors have other good suggestions for breakfasts rich in healthy fats and protein (for non-oatmeal fans):
  1. Spread the avolado on the wholemeal pastry.
  2. Yogurt with stone fruits and raisins and then one big orange.



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