8 Skin Myths Suitable for All Generations

8 Skin Myths Suitable for All Generations
People have access to a wealth of advice and information about skin every day. Tips are related to youthful appearance, care, health. However, there are several wrong beliefs (misconceptions) about the skin, and they are related to all generations.

  1. Skin aging is determined by genes – the belief that a person’s skin will be similar to his grandmother’s and mother’s skin – is somewhat true. Genetics determine the type of skin, but life and habits (and other factors) have an effect on the skin. Exposure to the sun, smoking, alcohol, little sleep, stress, poor digestion, worries – all of this significantly affects the skin. Free radicals are the main cause of disease and aging – according to medical experts. Free radicals cause the appearance of wrinkles, acne, skin sensitivity, spots, and loss of elasticity.
  2. Dark circles are caused by a lack of sleep – dark circles are the result of the concentration of veins under the thin skin around the eyes – experts say. So, the appearance of dark circles is exclusively related to genetics and has nothing to do with lack of sleep. Often staying awake until the wee hours can cause fluid to collect in the bags under the eyes (and this mild swelling hides dark circles), research shows.
  3. A person always uses the same skin care product – finding the right cream for the skin type is always challenging. However, even such a cream needs to be changed over time. Skin changes and technology is constantly advancing. It is advisable to try several different products and use the most acceptable product (cream, lotion, serum, etc.).
  4. Melanoma is caused by the sun – alarmingly (but wrongly) the sun is often blamed for malignant melanoma. A US Navy study found the most melanomas in people who were indoors. The fewest cases were recorded in people who work outdoors or are exposed to the sun. Moderate exposure to the sun is therefore healthy, while too much (or too little) exposure to the sun is harmful.
  5. Tanning in a solarium is the same as outdoor tanning – tanning lamps emit a carefully balanced spectrum of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The amount and properties of radiation (which affect humans in the solarium) are unchangeable, and the intensity and composition of the radiation (unlike the sun) is always known. The skin tanning process and the amount of radiation required to initiate tanning are the same. But the radiation spectra in the sun and in the solarium are different. By sunbathing in the solarium, we eliminate variable external effects (period of the year, period of the day, sun reflections, atmospheric conditions such as high or low temperature). An important difference is that an individual tanning program can be prepared for each person in the solarium with different duration of treatment (depending on skin type and previous experience).
  6. Balm protects the lips – recent studies say that balms containing salicylic acid are not a good choice for lip skin care. It is a chemical peeling that is added to numerous skin cleansers and lotions to facilitate the penetration and better effect of other ingredients. The acid will quickly remove the surface tissue (on dry lips) and damage the healthy subcutaneous layers. Therefore, choose balms that contain glycerin, allantoin, mineral oils, lanolin, cocoa butter and other natural oils – to prevent this problem described above.
  7. The skin breathes – when a person removes layers of powder and cream, then we often say – the skin finally breathes. It is true that oxygen and other nutrients reach the skin via the blood and not the air. The skin, however, eliminates toxins and sweat through the outer layer and absorbs moisture from the air (so a thicker layer of powder or cream can prevent the normal functioning of the skin – it prevents the normal absorption of substances and oxygen supply).
  8. Some preparations will rejuvenate the skin – unfortunately, there are no preparations that will make the skin young. The skin relaxes as a result of the natural aging process and loses fat under the surface of the skin. The result is the appearance of wrinkles and other visible signs of aging. Even the most expensive “elixirs of youth” cannot stop this process. Some cosmetic preparations and care on a natural basis can still temporarily tighten, firm and hydrate the skin, which will then look youthful, fresh and elastic.



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