Medicinal energy drinks made from cow’s, goat’s or donkey’s milk

Medicinal energy drinks made from cow’s, goat’s or donkey’s milk
The cold can be fatal to a person in just a few hours. Coordination and motor skills deteriorate with a drop in body temperature of just one degree. The body does not produce heat at -32 degrees Celsius and irreversible tissue death begins while the heart stops at -20 degrees C. A warm drink with milk (yogurt or kefir) is an ideal refreshment during the cold winter months. Such drinks give strength, strengthen the immune system and prevent infections.It is good to always have a package of milk powder at home, which is always useful in the absence of fresh milk.

  1. Warm milk with honey to relieve a sore throat – put one spoonful of honey in a glass of warm milk and drink the drink in small sips.
  2. Warm milk for male potency – this drink is a real protein bomb that gives the body energy, increases endurance and stimulates the regeneration of bones and muscle tissue. add one raw egg to a glass of warm milk. Mix and drink the drink before going to bed.
  3. Warm milk with butter against cough – add a little butter to a glass of warm milk. Drink in small sips.
  4. Fruit yogurt to strengthen immunity – add one spoon of raspberry and one spoon of black currant to one glass of yogurt or kefir. Mix in a blender. Drink twice a day.
  5. Fried butter and sugar with milk against cough and flu – fry a little butter and sugar until you get a caramel-colored mixture. Add milk. Cook briefly on low heat. Drink a warm drink that suppresses sore throats, coughs and flu.
  6. Milk ice cream – it is best to eat ice cream due to sore throat and inflammation of the throat. Ice cream will relieve pain and the feeling of irritation in the throat, prevents the multiplication of microorganisms and bacteria in the oral cavity, reduces the sensitivity of the mucous membrane and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  7. Warm milk with the addition of animal fat – this drink helps to maintain normal body temperature (due to high caloric content) in harsh frost conditions.
  8. Warm drink with boiled sour milk (type of kefir) – strengthens digestion, strengthens the immune system and expels toxins from the body. Grated horseradish can be added, which significantly enhances the healing properties of the drink.


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