Proper use of propolis in home conditions and for all generations

Proper use of propolis in home conditions and for all generations
Propolis is one of the most effective and well-known natural medicines (a natural antibiotic) that people have been using for several millennia. Scientists are constantly researching all the benefits of propolis, which was originally discovered quite by accident.
There is an anecdote about the origin of propolis. Bees ruined one of the first scientific experiments. According to legend, the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle once made a transparent beehive to monitor the work of bees. Aristotle then understood the way honey and other bee products are made. But the bees did not want to reveal the secrets to Aristotle, so they coated the colorless wall of the hive with some dark resin. The scientist did not complete the research, but he studied dark matter. It was propolis, i.e. the drug that ushered the medicine of that time into a new era.
Neither ancient nor modern doctors are completely sure of the complete answers related to propolis (so research on propolis is still relevant today). It has been proven that propolis has an antimicrobial effect and is much better than many of today’s antibiotics. Microorganisms cannot develop resistance to propolis, while pharmaceutical preparations lose their properties after some time due to bacterial resistance.
Propolis is a kind of glue that bees use to seal their hives
Bees seal cracks and holes in the hive walls with propolis. Resins make up about 50% of the composition of propolis. Bees collect resin from tree buds. Propolis contains beeswax, essential oils, flower powder, plenty of vitamins and minerals, important amino acids, ferments and flavonoids. Scientists claim that porpolis is a powerful medicine against cancer. Biologists have listed more than 300 components in the composition of propolis (many of which have anticancer effects).

Research says that propolis tincture kills malignant cells in the intestines and even in just 72 hours (in some cases)
It has been proven that propolis effectively fights pancreatic and prostate cancer.
Propolis successfully neutralizes the effect of radiation (scientists discovered)

The experiment was performed with mice. Mice that only ate propolis for 3 days were less exposed to gamma radiation than mice that did not eat propolis at all. Propolis cures asthma, herpes virus, ulcers, cardiovascular diseases and gastritis. Propolis strengthens immunity, prevents infections (and staphylococcal infection among others), against inflammatory conditions of the throat and oral cavity, helps heal wounds, solves eczema, dermatitis and other skin diseases.
Just chew a piece of propolis every day for 10 to 15 minutes to strengthen your immunity (do not eat that piece of propolis because it is difficult to digest)
Tincture of propolis in home conditions is most often used against numerous diseases
Homemade propolis tincture

Heat 100 ml of medical alcohol in steam to 50 degrees C (medical alcohol is easily available in every pharmacy and is sold without a prescription, usually in 100 ml glass bottles). Chop 10 grams of propolis and add it to the alcohol. Mix and strain. Pour the tincture into a glass bottle with dark glass. Add 20 to 30 drops of tincture to half a glass of warm milk. Drink twice or thrice a day.


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