12 lucky types of food for happiness, money and prosperity in 2023

12 lucky types of food for happiness, money and prosperity in 2023
Some foods and types of food bring happiness, prosperity and longevity and are associated with certain world cultures, customs and traditions from all over the world. Some people associate such beliefs with superstition while there are people who love and practice many traditional customs and advice.

  1. Grapes – symbolizes luck in Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico and Spain.
  2. Spaghetti and long pasta symbolize longevity and lasting happiness. People especially eat this type of dish during the Lunar Chinese New Year.
  3. ‘Hoppin’ John’- an African-American dish that is eaten with cornbread and greens. It is slow cooked beans with pork, vegetables and rice. The dish is eaten throughout the year, especially on New Year’s Eve.
  4. Pork dishes and pork are generally considered “lucky dishes” in many countries of the world. They bring progress to the person and family.
  5. Knedle (popular “dumplings”) or noodles symbolize wealth and longevity. They can be domestic or industrial. They are eaten all year round, especially during New Year’s holidays and Chinese New Year.
  6. Pretzels are a popular happy pastry in Germany. They symbolize happiness, good health and prosperity.
  7. Round bread (round sweet and savory pastries) – the golden color of the baked bread crust symbolizes wealth and money.
  8. Cabbage, due to its round appearance, symbolizes money, wealth, prosperity and good luck throughout the year and New Year’s holidays.
  9. Donuts are a symbol of happiness in the Netherlands and all over the world.
  10. Panettone sweet bread also symbolizes happiness and prosperity.
  11. Round cakes are generally similar to a ring and a circle, and it is believed that the round shape symbolizes year-round happiness, the fulfillment of wishes.
  12. Tangerines and oranges – round fruits that symbolize good luck throughout the year, New Year holidays and Chinese New Year celebrations.

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