7 tips for choosing footwear useful for proper walking and foot health

7 tips for choosing footwear useful for proper walking and foot health

  1. There are different types of footwear adapted to different types of feet – a qualified orthopedist or medical pedicurist can determine the characteristics of your feet, possible problems and advice to avoid discomfort.
  2. Use footwear that matches your most favorite and most frequent activity – walking, hiking, running, tennis, cycling and the like. for each of the activities it is desirable to have a different model of footwear.
  3. Correct measurement of both feet – two feet are never the same in terms of size and other characteristics. Feet change over time. Choose shoes that ideally fit the stronger foot.
  4. Shoes are bought at the end of the day because the feet spread and often swell.
  5. Try new shoes on the usual socks. Be sure to put orthopedic insoles in your new shoes (if you normally use such insoles).
  6. New shoes should immediately fit the feet and such shoes do not need “expansion” – unpleasant blisters and swelling can be avoided if the shoes completely match the width, length and depth of the feet.
  7. Pharmacies and specialized anatomical footwear stores always offer a wide range of footwear suitable for problematic feet.

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  1. Good morning, this blog is on time. I am having difficult with the types of shoes I have now. I recently developed a very soft spot underneath the right foot and an enlarged very sore corn on small toe on left foot. Thank you for the much needed tips.

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    • Dear Tangie,

      I am very sorry if this complications disturbing your everyday life. I also having a lot of unpleasant and medicinal issues that make my life more difficult and am always in search of adequate medicinal solutions or some solutions from nature. Patient is my slogan. Please, be persistent cause sooner of later you will find what’s the best fit for you and any of issues. Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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