4 harmful substances from the environment that can be protected with vitamins and minerals

4 harmful substances from the environment that can be protected with vitamins and minerals
Most of the food consumed by humans contains potentially harmful substances. These are natural ingredients of food and substances that are an intentional addition to food (that is, substances that are the result of contamination of food by some external factor or other means).
It is difficult for a person to protect himself from harmful substances from the environment due to the polluted environment, but he can stimulate better excretion of these substances with vitamins and minerals. Children are especially sensitive to changes caused by harmful substances. Common signs are allergy, fatigue, asthma and dermatitis.
Minerals and trace elements (against harmful substances) fight by preventing the binding of heavy metals in the intestines, reducing the deposition of these substances in the brain and bones, participate in the creation of enzymes that stimulate the excretion of lead and protect cells from free radicals (injured by harmful substances).
Lead, cadmium, mercury and aluminum are some of the heavy metals that affect human health every day
Lead is the most widespread heavy metal in the environment. This is a consequence of the use of leaded fuel. Lead can be found in all foods and drinks today.
The highest amount of lead is in forest mushrooms, which should therefore not be eaten more than twice a week

One should also avoid offal (beef contains 45 and beef liver as much as 458 milligrams of lead per kilogram)
Fatigue, insomnia, depression, headaches and distraction are the main signs of an excessive amount of lead in the body. Wash in several waters purchased or harvested vegetables, because this way you remove 20% to 30% of lead. Lead accumulates in large areas of green leafy vegetables.
People who live in an older house should check the concentration of lead in the drinking water (because the house may have lead pipes).
Cadmium is a man-made poison (because this heavy metal did not exist before the industrial revolution). Cadmium is mostly released into the air by steel mills and garbage incinerators. Today, the presence of cadmium in all foods has been proven. The rates reach the highest cadmium values as high as 500 milligrams per kilogram. Smoking increases the amount. The worst thing is that cadmium accumulates in the body and can hardly be excreted.
Aluminum – this heavy metal is introduced into the body through pots and cans. Various other products also contain aluminum (medicines for stomach acid, deodorants, mouthwash, etc.).
Mercury – 100 micrograms of mercury are washed into the oral cavity daily from 8 larger amalgam fillings. Forest mushrooms collect 5 times more mercury than the soil on which the mushrooms grow. Blood mercury values increase with frequent consumption of fish (according to one study). River fish have more mercury than sea fish. Liver contains 10 times higher concentration of mercury than other meat of the same individual. In 90% of cases, the body absorbs mercury well from animal sources, but 10% of it goes into the brain cells and acts like a nerve poison.

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