Herbal homemade preparations for tired and exhausted eyes

Herbal homemade preparations for tired and exhausted eyes
Effort, allergies and pollution are possible causes of tired and exhausted eyes. There are, however, homemade herbal preparations that will quickly refresh tired eyes.

  1. Place a ring of fresh cucumber on both eyes. Lie down for half an hour in a dark room. The eyes will be less irritated.
  2. Caution is required with the use of commercial eye drops. Frequent use of these drops (which are bought without a doctor’s prescription) can have chronically irritated eyes as a result.
  3. Homemade eyewash (medicinal eyewash) – mix 2 small spoons of medicinal eyewash with half a liter of water. Leave to cool and strain. Pour the mixture into each eye with a small cup or apply it to the eyes with a cotton ball. Do not use the same cotton ball for both eyes, otherwise the infection will spread.
  4. Homemade preparation with walnut leaves – sick and cloudy eyes can be washed with a medicinal preparation made from walnut leaves. Boil about 10 dag of walnut leaves with a liter of hot water. Mint, nettle, calendula, mistletoe and plantain leaves and a mixture of chamomile and rosemary can be used.
  5. Compresses against tired and red eyes – make compresses with warm nettle tea, a mixture of sage and yarrow, a mixture of walnut leaves and wormwood (pour 3 tablespoons of one or another mixture of plants with half a liter of boiling water). Leave for 10 minutes and add one spoonful of honey. Drop that liquid on a cloth and leave it on your eyes overnight. In the morning, wash your eyes with warm water. Repeat for 6 consecutive days.
  6. Black marshmallow dipped in cold water will also refresh the eyes.

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