6 tips how every person can “fight” against gossip

6 tips how every person can “fight” against gossip
People discuss other people’s lives and details or distort truths and facts. People who like to gossip usually like to be in the center of attention and all events. Such persons with gossip undermine the authority of the people they are talking about.

  1. Some people gossip while some just like to spread false rumours. The emphasis is on critical remarks. False rumors are usually unverified information supplemented by someone’s “exuberant” imagination. This is most often a projection of the person’s own shortcomings who spreads false rumors. These are people who suffer from a lack of attention. Such people want to communicate but cannot say anything interesting about their own life. Distance yourself as much as possible from both people. In the office (and any other business environment) you do your work without participating in these conversations, even if you get the epithet “loner”. Every person in his own home can simply always exclude himself from these negative events.
  2. Some people gossip because of envy, malice, boredom and bad mood. Each person can fight against these plagues with various methods. Simply tell the person who is gossiping that sooner or later this action will reflect negatively on that very person. This is also applicable if several people are involved in the story (gossip).
  3. Set endurance limits, or limits up to which any person can unhindered in detail and publicly explore your life. If the person has crossed all possible normal communication and invents untruths about you, then isolate yourself from those people. Do your best so that such people are not a part of your life and stop any form of communication with them. People who care about you will apologize anyway and ask for forgiveness and continued cooperation (togetherness and other forms of communication). Those who don’t ask for forgiveness weren’t worth your attention anyway.
  4. In a business environment, it is best to turn off all emotions and devote yourself to the job as much as possible. This is how you make it known that you are not interested in gossip and do not want to be part of such communications. Ignoring and showing disinterest is often very effective.
  5. Turn gossip to your advantage using the “aikido” method. For example, with people who constantly spread falsehoods and gossip, talk about nice events (buying a car, the birth of a child, a good birthday party, a nice trip, an interesting trip, etc.). During the conversation, praise these people for their taste, talent, and ability to communicate. You will notice that such people will spread less lies in your future conversations.
  6. Do not take any gossip or any uttered untruth too personally or to heart. If gossip is not “fed” with something, then it is not for a long time, that is, it does not last long.


  1. Thank you for sharing these tips on gossip, it just happens living in an apartment building gossip is an everyday event. Some people have nothing better to do I suppose, I will put your wise tips into action from now on

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    • Dear Friend,

      The same situation is everywhere in the whole world. If any comment (gossip) is positive with some sort of advice to others-then all is fine and everybody is happy. But all other comments (discussion) could do some harm to people. Many thanks for your comment. Wishing all A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. All the best. Amela.

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