6 items that are not desirable to give as a gift

6 items that are not desirable to give as a gift
Ancient folk beliefs are sometimes true and sometimes similar to superstition. However, once upon a time, people passed on beliefs and advice through oral traditions. People then believed that there are objects and things that you should not give as gifts because they attract negative energy and failure into the life of the person to whom the gifts are given.

  1. Sharp objects – scissors, knives and other sharp objects attract negative energy like a magnet. However, you can only buy these items for your own needs.
  2. Mirror – magic is trapped in mirrors. That is why mirrors should not be bought as a gift. Allegedly, gifted mirrors bring trouble into the life of the person who receives them.
  3. Clock – according to popular belief, if the clock stops working, then it can bring bad luck. It is best to avoid buying this gift.
  4. Wallet – a wallet can be given as a gift, but there should be some money in the new wallet (it can be the smallest coin, but it is important that the wallet is not empty, because then that person will always have money problems).
  5. Coffee cups, dishes, deep plates and the like – one coin should be placed in each container or coffee cup or deep plate if you are giving these items to others (because careful dishes bring poverty).
  6. Soap – if you give soap to someone, then that person should “pay” for that gift, even with the smallest coin (because otherwise they will invite poverty into their own home).




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