An interesting test of longevity by the Brazilian scientist Araujo

An interesting test of longevity by the Brazilian scientist Araujo
Brazilian scientist Claudio Gil Araujo created a simple longevity test. The test allows each person to discover their own “youthfulness”. Countless studies confirm the positive functionality of the test. This is a home test and is not suitable for people with chronic diseases of the spine and joints.

Sitting and Rising Test (SRT)

The person should sit down and stand up. At the beginning, a person has 10 points.

  1. Stand barefoot on the floor with your legs crossed. And then try to sit down from this position. No self-help is allowed. With each touch you lose one point if you support yourself with elbows, hands, knees. Deduct half a point if you manage to sit down but cannot balance your body.
  2. Continue sitting on the floor for another 3 minutes with crossed legs. Now try to stand up without the help of your hands. You lose one point every time you support your body with something (hands, knees, elbows).
  3. Results: if you have 8 to 10 points, then your health is good. The body is in excellent condition and you lead a healthy lifestyle. Your health is fine. If you have 6 to 7.5 points, then your health is not bad. There is no big risk, but you have something to strive for. If you have 3.5 to 5 points, then it is a warning. The risk of death in the next 6 years is twice as high as in the previous two categories. If you have 0 to 3 points, then there is a serious danger. It makes sense to devote yourself to health if you haven’t been able to sit down. The risk of serious diseases is 5 times higher than for a person from the “good” category.


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