7 tips on treating the face after skin diseases (rash, herpes on the lips, scars on the face, spots after the sun, etc.)

7 tips on treating the face after skin diseases (rash, herpes on the lips, scars on the face, spots after the sun, etc.)
Various facial damages (after rash, blister rash, sunbathing, aggressive makeup, herpes, scars after surgery, etc.) are a kind of aesthetic problem. Proper skin care is important to reduce and stop possible complications. Herpes remains forever in the human body if a person has had herpes once. Herpes, for example, can be “triggered” regularly and can be dormant for years. By the way, herpes is considered a stimulating factor for the development of Alzheimer’s disease. This virus is found in the brains of almost 70% of Alzheimer’s patients.

  1. It is not advisable to apply fatty creams – it is advisable to stop using moisturizing creams, masks and other products with a high content of fatty elements for a certain period of time. Fat is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria that can cause infections. But moisturizing agents will not increase the manifestations of the herpes virus, scars, skin irregularities on the face, spots after the sun and the like.
  2. Non-greasy moisturizing gels and emulsions are the best type of face care products after various facial damages. The composition should not contain exotic plants that can cause an allergic reaction. Many plants (chamomile, nettle, thistle) are not contraindicated in acute herpes and other irregularities on the skin of the face. It is best to use a moisturizer with only one of the beneficial herbs (instead of a combination with several herbs).https://www.fromaustria.com/en/styx/kraeutergarten-face-cream-with-organic-chamomile
  3. Decorative cosmetics can be used in the acute period of herpes, but only in the case of a rash on the lips. Nourishing face cream should not be used because it can cause infection.
  4. You should not use lipstick in burgundy and bright red colors, because these colors will make herpes on the lips even more noticeable. Light and opaque tones will help to hide the problem. An ulcer located outside the border of the lip can be masked with a non-greasy toning cream. At the same time, do not apply the toning cream on the entire face.
  5. No powder or toning cream should be used in case of herpes on the cheeks.
  6. After a rash on the skin or an inflammatory condition on the lips, herpes often leaves spots or white spots. Nourishing cream will help solve this problem. Massage the affected part twice or thrice a day after the scab falls off. It takes a long time for the color to even out (more than a month).
  7. To prevent the herpes virus on the face or lips from spreading throughout the body or infecting close people, it is necessary not to touch the herpes with your hands (wash your hands well and often, even if you have applied antiviral cream with your fingers). Do not kiss other people, especially children, do not touch the eyes, do not use saliva to moisten contact lenses (so that the virus does not transfer to the eyes), do not touch the scabs with your hands, because this way the infection can be transferred to other parts of the body.



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