Mineral Zeolite, useful for all generations, is an excellent body cleanser

Mineral Zeolite, useful for all generations, is an excellent body cleanser
Mineral Zeolite powder mixed with water is introduced into the body. It works quickly and directly. First of all, it destroys pathogenic bacteria in the mouth, oral cavity and pharynx. The mixture then goes down into the digestive tract where it continues to work.
Zeolite works in the intestines without entering the blood
It is best to buy proven mineral zeolite clinoptilolite – which has been tested and does not contain elements harmful to the human body.
Zeolite is recommended for the entire population because it eliminates harmful substances from the body.
For centuries, minerals have been an auxiliary therapy in preserving the beauty and health of people around the world. The mineral zeolite (or boiling stone) was discovered more than 300 million years ago – from volcanic rock and ash that reacted in contact with seawater and some from the fresh-water variation. There are 400 types of zeolite.
For human use, clinopotylolite is used, which has no side effects

  1. The mineral zeolite-clinopotylolite is indicated for the absorption of heavy metals, ammonia, radionuclides, mycotoxins and the deactivation of free radicals in the body’s cells.
  2. This is the most powerful natural antioxidant and detoxifier, absorbent and stimulant of the immune system.
  3. Regulates the level of sugar and fat in the blood, the pH value of the blood (shifting the body’s pH towards an alkaline environment), prevents the development of arteriosclerosis, solves high blood pressure, prostate problems, reduces the complications of diabetes
  4. Relieves pain and muscle stiffness, improves joint mobility, stops diarrhea, alleviates symptoms of hepatitis and symptoms of some carcinomas.
  5. It reduces the accumulation of lactic acid, supplies the body with necessary microelements, makes the skin more beautiful, helps against fungal skin diseases.
  6. It is recommended for smokers, consumers of alcoholic beverages, people living in a polluted environment, people constantly exposed to harmful radiation from the outside environment.
    Mineral zeolite is a good prevention of viral and inflammatory infections, strengthens metabolism and the general condition of the body, solves fatigue and exhaustion, weakness, stress and lethargy with cytostatic therapy

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