10 powerful talismans to attract abundance and money into the home

10 powerful talismans to attract abundance and money into the home
There are various powerful symbols and talismans according to feng shui ancient Chinese philosophy. Some of these symbols are believed to attract money and abundance into the home. The content of the wallet is important. Remove all unnecessary “papers” from your wallet (old receipts, torn money, unpaid bills) to clear the space for new and positive energy. Many people keep these things in their wallets, but feng shui believes that they are the reason for less money flowing into the wallet (home). There are also symbols that attract abundance and money.

  1. Crystals – feng shui believes that multi-colored crystals attract abundance and money and should be kept in the home.
  2. Figure of a frog – this is a powerful symbolism for a greater influx of wealth and money into the home.
  3. Chinese coins – and these symbols bring prosperity and money to the home.
  4. Symbol or sign of “infinity” – this symbol has been positive and powerful for centuries in Chinese philosophy. It brings a positive energy boost and is still used in many cultures around the world. It has a special meaning if a person wears it as a pendant on a bracelet or on a red thread. It is associated with the number 8, which symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It is used for harmony and balance. In feng shui, the infinity symbol is used to harmonize space and improve the vital chi energy in the home. According to feng shui experts, the infinity sign is able to positively influence every space in which it is located. There is symbolism that this sign should be drawn on a piece of paper and carried in a wallet with the purpose of attracting the energy of abundance and money. You can decorate it, draw it in your favorite color or give the sign a personal stamp. If you often draw this sign in a notebook, planner or diary, it can lead to success. If you highlight the sign in the bedroom, it will strengthen the energy of love between partners.
  5. Banknotes – even if you have few bills, keep them in your wallet because they attract more money. An empty wallet is considered to repel money, so put a few bills in, even if you normally pay by card.
  6. Rice – according to feng shui, rice represents good life and wealth. Put a few grains of rice in your wallet to attract money and prosperity.
  7. Sea salt– wrap some sea salt in transparent foil and keep it in your wallet because according to feng shui, sea salt is believed to attract wealth.
  8. Bay leaf – it is advisable to always keep a few dry bay leaves in your wallet because they attract abundance and money.
  9. Clover with 4 leaves – a dried plant or painted on a small piece of paper has always been a current symbol for money and luck.
  10. The picture of a strong and upright horse in the wallet – the image of a horse is considered a figure of good luck. The horse symbolizes the solid foundation of the home and brings honor and recognition to the family and household members. Secure and anchor your home so that no one shakes your happiness. Do not choose a figure of a bucking horse because it dominates the space, but choose a figure of an upright and strong horse.

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