Grass grows in the wrong places in the yard and garden- Part One

Grass grows in the wrong places in the yard – Part One
1. Grass is growing in some parts of the garden even though it shouldn’t be growing there. The owner of the garden should carry out interventions against weeds in the garden, but with the use of a total homemade herbicide (or herbicide from an agricultural pharmacy).
2. The grass that grows between the pavements on the paths and rest areas cannot be weeded because it would be a painstaking and inefficient job and the slabs would be lifted and moved from the bed. Namely, with the roots of the weeds, the sand used as a bed and grout would be taken out.
3.On paths sprinkled with gravel, the use of total pesticides is sometimes necessary. Abundant grass growth indicates that the gravel layer is too small or that the gravel has sunk into the soil (or sand) substrate. The surface should be treated with a total herbicide before spreading a new layer. Total herbicide acts on plants that are already present on the treated surface, although it does not have a preventive function. It is better to use the so-called “do it yourself” means if we want to keep weeds from growing for a long time. Such a home remedy is, for example, a solution of table salt and vinegar mixed with water.
4.A sprayer is required for the distribution of herbicides. There are various types of sprayers (some are equipped with wheels, some are carried by hand, and there are backpack sprayers that we carry on our shoulders). Sprinklers can be of various capacities. The sprayer that you used once for herbicides should always be used for these preparations. Do not use such a sprayer for other types of pesticides, because the treated plants may dry out (due to residues of other pesticides in the sprayer).
5. When using total herbicides (as well as when treating with any chemical agent), one should take the necessary precautions (wear a mask and gloves, avoid using/spraying with herbicides in the presence of children, pets, sick people).


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