14 ideas for keeping plants and flowers in the home (the Zamia plant activates the fields of happiness and money and absorbs negative energy)

14 ideas for keeping plants and flowers in the home (the Zamia plant activates the fields of happiness and money and absorbs negative energy)
It’s always a good moment for a person to breathe in freshness and a touch of nature in the home when colorful flowers, plants, spices and bushes give off aromatic and enticing scents. With flowers, plants, palm trees and bushes, you can create a great ambiance in every home.

  1. A pot in a pot is a good choice for those who sometimes forget to water their plants. Establish a practical self-watering system and the problem is solved. Place a plastic pot with holes in the bottom in a decorative ceramic pot.
  2. Kentia palm – is a good choice for a houseplant, especially for women who like fans. Kentia palm loves moisture and can reach up to 4 meters in height.
  3. You can always plant miniature greenery made up of various plants in an old ceramic pot. A wonderful decoration in the home is a ceramic pot with a little soil and succulents.
  4. Pots can sometimes be hung on the ceiling or walls of rooms. This way you can decorate a corner of the room. For example, hang a potted Sanseveria from the ceiling. The plant is not demanding about regular watering anyway.
  5. Exotic photo wallpapers allow everyone to be a part of the tropics, even if only in their imagination. Supplemented with “living” greenery gives an even better atmosphere and a wonderful relaxing atmosphere. Choose fleece wallpaper.
  6. Succulents planted in ceramic (and other) containers are modern and provide great variety. Succulents also show a high degree of adaptation. Arrange your own selection of succulents on a layer of stones in glass jars, for example, and you get a beautiful decoration. You can keep the jars in a room or on the terrace because the main goal is to decorate any space with greenery.
  7. Greenery is useful and medicinal – some plants purify the space, while some plants have healing properties. This is what a long-term British study showed. You will breathe better air if you plant sanseveria, sword fern or green lily. The view of greenery has a relaxing effect, instills hope, creates harmony, symbolizes renewal.
  8. Succulents come in over 2,000 species – succulents do not require special care and we can choose from 2,000 species. Succulents can be grown in the same (for example, a shallow) container for years. That is why succulents can be successful in very modest conditions. Watering is regular but with a smaller amount of water. It is best to combine in the same pot succulents that have a standing form with succulents that fall due to weight and during growth.
  9. Elegant and golden creeper (Scindapsus epipremnum) is a favorite decoration of homes, houses, apartments and offices. This plant is an excellent air purifier. It absorbs tobacco smoke but also formaldehyde (which irritates the upper respiratory tract and is present in almost all closed rooms in insulation material, panel boards and household chemicals and detergents).
  10. Zamia or Money Plant is a very popular houseplant. Zamia is easy to grow, that is, it only needs basic care. Zamia activates the fields of luck and money and absorbs negative energy – according to the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui.
  11. Gardenia – gardenia is a beautiful plant with white, waxy (double or single) flowers and a scent (reminiscent of the scent of jasmine). The plant is healthy if it has dark green leaves. Gardenia is recommended for patient people and people who already have experience with indoor plants because it grows slowly (only about 15 cm per year).
  12. A suitable place for keeping indoor flowers – for the proper growth and development of a plant, it is important to find a suitable location for placing pots, containers and planters. Most plants need to be provided with enough light because light is a prerequisite for the plant to carry out photosynthesis. However, some plants do not like direct holiness. That is why every person should be informed in advance before acquiring and growing plants.
  13. There are pots fixed to the rail using magnets – these pots are ideal for the walls, kitchen, bathroom, living room, or if there is not enough space on the windowsill. It means that today every room can be filled with freshness and greenery.
  14. Livistona- is a plant that likes a place with plenty of light (for example, next to a window) and watering with “stagnant” water. Put small stones in the pot, which contribute to a better appearance, but prevent the soil from being washed away when watering with water.



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