An extremely light and soft feather pillow loses its functionality after a year (such a pillow then does not provide anatomical support, so it is better to prefer buckwheat pillows or latex options)

An extremely light and soft feather pillow loses its functionality after a year (such a pillow then does not provide anatomical support, so it is better to prefer buckwheat pillows or latex options)
Proper and normal sleep depends on a comfortable bed, quality bed linen and pillow. People have been using pillows filled with natural feathers for centuries, although other fillings (buckwheat, latex, etc.) are also popular today. The popularity of traditional sleeping accessories has not been diminished at all by new materials.
Bird feathers belong to the group of materials of natural origin. Quality and properties are determined by nature. People just adapt these objects for use in everyday life. That’s why feather pillows and blankets are chosen by people who prefer environmentally friendly materials. However, these products are not suitable for people prone to allergies. Over time, old pillows can become filled with mites (which can cause harmful reactions in the human body). These pillows are also too soft for people with pathology of the muscular and skeletal system and for people prone to headaches. Manufacturers often add small feathers to the filling to reduce product stiffness and cost. The pillow is larger and harder if there is a greater proportion of small feathers, and the price is then lower. It is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, otherwise after a year the feather pillow loses its functionality. Such a pillow then does not provide anatomical support, so it is better to give preference to buckwheat pillows or latex options. Feather pillows are extremely soft and light.

  1. Pillow with goose feathers – a very popular option is a pillow filled with elastic, light and small goose feathers. It differs in weightlessness, ergonomics and the ability to maintain the posture of a resting person. That is why such pillows are often bought for children and the elderly. White or gray fillers are usually used to make bedding. In models with gray filler, the cuffs are rougher so that the color of the feathers does not shine through. For accessories with white filler, they take a thinner fabric (although such products are also more expensive). The disadvantages of these pillows include the risk of pathogenic microorganisms and possible allergies. The properties and price of a goose feather pillow directly depend on the bird’s habitat. It is the most expensive pillow that perfectly retains heat, moreover, it is lighter and more elastic than the others. Also, the price is affected by the structure of the raw material – crushed is more valuable.
  2. Pillow with duck feather filling – The most common type of filling is white, gray and mixed. White feathers are much rarer, but look much more aesthetically pleasing. Such pillows are accordingly more expensive. Duck feathers in bedding have significant advantages. These are softness, easy air permeability, hygroscopicity, affordable price. Among the disadvantages is vulnerability to mites and other internal parasites. Such products require disinfection and cleaning more than others.
  3. Pillow with swan feathers – there is a misconception that swan feathers are raw materials obtained from swans. In fact, this is a material of polymer origin, it is not possible to get down from a live bird. In addition, the swan belongs to birds that love warmth, and there are practically no feathers in a swan. The swan is a protected species of bird in some countries. Essential fibers are used in the production of swan feathers. During production, they are twisted to form a large number of small balls. This is why the softness and thermal conductivity of this material are as close as possible to natural raw materials in terms of their characteristics. The advantages of this type of pillow are easy air permeability, they do not absorb odors, they are moisture resistant, they quickly take their original shape after a long time of use, they are a hypoallergenic product, they have a long service life, they do not require a complex, they have a democratic value. And the most important thing – Swan down products are resistant to the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Among the disadvantages, they highlight the low absorption capacity, as well as the accumulation of static electricity. In addition, swan feathers are not elastic enough, so it is not recommended for people with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.
  4. Loons feather pillow – this type of sleeping equipment belongs to the elite segment. The rarest are the highest quality and impressive prices. The advantages of the filler are due to the habitat of the birds. Loons are diving ducks that inhabit rugged arctic regions. At the same time, the pads are collected by hand from bird’s nests, which is why the material is so rare and expensive. Loon down pillows are very soft and almost weightless. They immediately repeat the pose of a person who is resting and warm up for a long time. Moreover, the products have the ability to pass and remove moisture, thus maintaining the comfort of the resting person. Disadvantages include only the high price, as well as unavailability – it can be difficult to find them over the counter.
    Mass, dimension and weight of the pillow
    World manufacturers produce feather pillows in standard sizes: 50×50 cm, 60×60 cm, 50×70 cm (most used in the world), 70×70 cm.
    The pillows have the same horizontal parameters, creating the necessary level of comfort. Children’s and decorative pillows are sewn with dimensions of 40×40 or 40×60 cm. The mass of such a pillow is considered one of the main ones product quality criteria. This parameter directly depends on the proportion of feathers and accessories. For example, a pillow measuring 70×70 cm, which consists entirely of down, weighs about 1.5 kg, down – from 1.6 to 3 kg, bedding made of only one type of feather – from 2.5 to 3.5 kg .



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