Good drainage is the most important thing for growing cacti at home in pots

Cacti manage to successfully survive without water for a long time
Cacti are well-known desert plants. Cacti, like other plants and living things in the desert, get used to living with very little water. A being and a plant that cannot solve this problem (life with little) water will not even survive life in the desert. Plants that live in normal conditions use a lot of water, but cacti live successfully in the desert with very little water. The leaves take water from the sap and the water evaporates through the leaves –
A cactus is a plant without leaves but with fleshy and thick petioles. Very little of the surface of the cactus stem is exposed to direct sunlight. The cactus almost never releases moisture. The stems are thick, so water accumulates in them. The stems are covered with thick cork, so the water is even better protected. Cactus spines repel thirsty animals that want to drink water from cactus reservoirs. That’s why some cacti can even live up to 2 years without water.
Cacti are flowering plants with flowers that develop into fruits with seeds. The flowers of most types of cacti are beautiful light yellow, purple and red colors. There are over 1,000 species of cacti. Cacti live in South and Central America, Mexico and the southwestern parts of the United States.

Cacti in size can be very small because they grow close to the ground and gigantic with a height of 10 to 22 meters.
Medicines and excessively hot drinks are made from cactus juice. Delicious sweets (which are left for the winter) are made from the stem and fruits. Smaller cacti are also grown in gardens.

Good drainage is the most important thing for growing cacti at home in pots
Cacti should be watered every 4 days and every 2 weeks during the winter.


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