10 ways and tips in the fight against loneliness and solitude

10 ways and tips in the fight against loneliness and solitude
A lot of people today have agreed to live a solitary life and simply prefer to choose loneliness (and a kind of isolation) rather than an inadequate and wrong society. The reasons are diverse and include the increasing development and expansion of urban areas, the race against time, the development of technique and technology, disappointment in a person in life, the withdrawn and quiet character of a person, lack of free time, and the like. There are also buildings (and hotels) for singles in the world where everything is adjusted so that a person’s life is more comfortable and convenient. Most often, the long corridors here lead to apartments/rooms of smaller dimensions (or studios or one-room apartments), which are nicely decorated and have heating.

  1. Long-term loneliness can also cause serious psychological crises. Each person needs to find the most of their own strength to overcome all the difficulties that loneliness brings. These crises are usually accompanied by nervousness, irritability or, quite the contrary, a depressed state of the person. To a man (and women much more often) everything in life becomes indifferent and he loses interest in work, home, hobby, pastime, entertainment and everything else. However, crises are most often of a transient nature, because the adult copes with it independently or with the help of the advice of a professional (psychologist, doctor, etc.). People who have been lonely for a long time even have an increased dose of pride. Some people looked for support and friendship in their youth, which they failed to find, but they still “carry” their own loneliness and such a way of life with pride. Such people defy loneliness and strengthen their individuality every day (through work, career, etc.). Less self-confident and less ambitious individuals will not succeed in this, but should seek the help of a professional.
  2. Loneliness is a very broad term. A poet (who thinks that society does not understand him), an inventor (who realizes that his innovations will not be accepted by anyone) and a fantasist (who may only receive recognition in the future), and a technical genius, and a philosopher, etc., can feel lonely. were many great men from our past (writers, thinkers, philosophers, inventors, poets, artistic geniuses and the like). They were kept confident in their own ability and in the value of the work they were engaged in.
  3. Ordinary people are also lonely (unhappily in love, women whose partners are alcoholics, mothers who married their daughters and remained alone, widows, divorced people, spouses whose partner died and whose children went abroad, and many others). An American philosopher said: “There is hardly a person in the world who has not felt lonely at some point in his life.” This can happen sooner or later. It’s easier and better before. It can last for a long time or for a short time – and happiness is if loneliness lasts only a short time.
  4. Loneliness is common to all people, although it affects each individual differently. It could be said that it would not work if a person never felt loneliness, because loneliness reminds us that we are human beings and that we are even obligated to society.
  5. Society, the environment, the environment in which a person lives (which may have once been the cause of loneliness) can free a person from loneliness. But only that lonely person should be the most important factor and the main force in defeating loneliness.
  6. Only the man who independently agreed to such a life is lonely,” say some psychologists. Each person has enough of their own strength to overcome both the physical and psychological problems that loneliness brings, but these inner strengths need to be stimulated and channeled from the outside sometimes.
  7. After the accident of the Italian ship “Andrea Doria” in the 20th century, one of the rescued passengers stated: “I spent several hours at sea. There was only water everywhere around me. However, I did not feel alone because I knew that hundreds of people were circling the open sea looking for me and the other passengers from the ship. That belief kept me going. If I had thought for a moment that I was the only one, then my strength would have left me and I would not have experienced salvation. P.S. Andrea Doria, Italian passenger liner that sank on July 25–26, 1956, after colliding with the Stockholm off the coast of Nantucket in the Atlantic Ocean. The maritime disaster resulted in the deaths of 51 people—46 from the Andrea Doria and 5 from the Stockholm. The SS Andrea Doria was a flagship of the Italian Line
  8. Courage is needed to endure all the difficulties in life as well as to one who feels like he is drowning in big urban centers.
  9. Ways to combat loneliness are unfortunately mostly described by people who have not felt loneliness, but there are also those who sometimes happily and openly talk about their own loneliness.
  10. People eventually realize that they need to adapt to the overall environment (no matter how difficult such a thing is to do) and learn to make some concessions towards society, that is, to agree to reasonable social demands. You will probably never regret it because society accepts diversity after all. The most important thing is that people never give up and don’t give up lightly.

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