6 tips for creating a small water garden in an old barrel

6 tips for creating a small water garden in an old barrel
Every house with a garden (of any size or with a terrace) can have a miniature lake. Making and maintaining it is not demanding, and with a little knowledge of gardening and horticulture, you can make this garden decoration.
A container (from a minimum of 40 cm to 50 cm in diameter and the same depth) is sufficient for the cultivation of aquatic perennial plants and the formation of a water surface.
Water evaporates over time, so it should be added to the container regularly
The container also needs to be protected from winter and frost because frost can destroy the rhizomes of aquatic plants. In areas with mild winters, this can be done by “wrapping” the container in some insulating material (bark, straw, reeds, cardboard and newsprint covered with nylon). The container should be brought into a closed (protected) area if you live in an area where the temperatures drop below zero in winter and thus remain for a certain time.
Caring for plants during the growing season requires the same time as usual care for plants on a balcony or terrace
Half of an old barrel or barrel is the cheapest solution for creating a beautiful miniature water oasis with plants
Cover the inside of the barrel with an impermeable PVC film. The darker color of the foil creates the illusion of a deeper water pool with plants

6 tips for creating a miniature artificial water lake on the balcony

  1. It is necessary to have a plastic (or metal) container preferably with a diameter of about 80 cm and a depth of at least 40 cm. Cover the inside of the container with waterproof foil so that water does not leak out of the barrel/container. Place the container in a bright place that has at least a few hours of direct sunlight during the day (direct sun is not desirable during the midday hours so that the water does not heat up excessively).
  2. Plant a dwarf water lily rhizome in a perforated plastic basket (otherwise intended for growing aquatic plants). Center the dwarf water lily rhizome in the container.
  3. Plant other aquatic plants in the peripheral parts of the container. Pay attention to the part of the selected species that should be submerged in water (place a brick at the bottom of the container to provide a raised position and as needed).
  4. Fill the container halfway. Add the plant “Elodea canadensis” (oxidizing plant). An oxidation plant will suppress the formation of algae.
  5. Fill the container with water up to a level 10 cm below the rim.
  6. Add one or two seedlings of water hyacinth (or other floating aquatic plants) that float on the surface and do not require attachment to the ground.

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