7 days a week for good health and proper care

7 days a week for good health and proper care
One of the ways to maintain good health is a 7-day plan for hygiene and maintaining good health (which will include face, body, hair care, etc.). The plan should be such that it does not disrupt your daily routine and does not take up too much time. This small written reminder can be hung on a piece of cardboard (or paper) above the mirror in the bathroom, or on the inside of the closet, and help in consistently implementing the written plan. It goes without saying that this plan should not include regular washing, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair or showering. The plan is due to additional care and all to preserve good health (mental and physical).

  1. Monday – the first day of the week should be with moderate meals with the usual small and frequent amounts of food. An average menu could be: breakfast (fruit juice, a slice of baked wholemeal bread spread with butter or an egg and coffee, while for a snack you can have an apple or yogurt, lunch-salad, stew, some rice with lean meat from the grill, coffee or fruit juice and in the afternoon an apple or yogurt, dinner is a raw vegetable salad, baked bread or a piece of rye bread with sour cream or soft cheese and a little honey, fruit). Before going to bed, it is recommended to take a one-hour light walk or stay longer by a wide open window and breathe in the air as long as possible to free the lungs from toxins).
  2. Tuesday – this can be a day for special care of elbows, legs, eyebrow correction. Bathe your feet in salt water, which stimulates circulation and prepares the skin for better absorption of oil, lotion or cream. Scrub the feet with a pumice stone or a sharper brush while the feet are in the water (especially in places where thickenings form). Wipe your legs and massage them with oil, starting from the feet and ankles, and perform the massage with circular movements. Massage the elbows with a glove dipped in water and soap (or almond bran instead of liquid soap). It is useful to bathe the elbows in warm oil (if the skin is too rough on the elbows). Pour the hot oil into 2 bowls and dip your elbows in it. Hold for 10 to 15 minutes. Grooming your eyebrows once a week is enough. Cover the skin liberally with the cream in the places where you plucked the hairs with tweezers.
  3. Wednesday – this is a day of rest. Sleep 8 to 9 hours if possible. Drink one cup of chamomile tea (valerian, mint or lemon balm) before going to bed. Take care of your body skin by putting a few drops of cosmetic oil in water. Mix water with wheat bran if you have oily skin. The pores will be cleaned and the skin will be soft, smooth and tender. Lubricate the facial skin with an oily cream before bathing, and remove the excess oily cream after bathing. If the face is exposed to steam, the effect of the cream will be even more effective. Put a little pine extract in the water if you are a nervous person or a person prone to quick nervousness. After bathing, take a shower with warm water and rub your face with a sharp glove dipped in cold water (which will contribute to the enlarged pores shrinking again).
  4. Thursday – this is the day for hand care and pedicure at home. Lean your elbows on the table and use the index finger of the opposite hand to massage the skin with circular movements starting from the fingertips (massage each finger separately) towards the palm. Then massage the palm, the back of the hand and all the way to the knuckles in the same way. Once a week, rub the nails with a file, but starting from the middle of the nail towards the ends, otherwise they will peel off. Dip your fingertips in warm, soapy water. Then carefully push the softened skin with a wooden shovel wrapped with cotton wool. Rub the strengthening oil on your nails. Remove the skin around the nail root. Nails should be perfectly dry for women who then want to coat their nails with nail polish (because otherwise the polish will peel off immediately). File your toenails once a week. Do not cut the skin around the nails, but press them in the manner already described. Rub oil or nourishing cream into the skin on the legs, preferably with circular movements (as on the hands).
  5. Friday is the day for waxing and hair care. Depilation is best done with a trimmer or shaver. Rare mallets can simply fade with oxygen. Coat the skin with a nourishing cream. It is advisable to brush your hair once a week, as this removes all the dust from long hair and restores its shine. For long hair with soft hair, use a soft brush and divide the hair into several strands and brush each one separately. Wash the brush after each brushing in soapy water. Dry the brush with the bristles down and over a terry towel. Wash the comb and all combs from the purse in the same way.
  6. Saturday – Saturday is the most suitable day for using face masks. Keep the mask on for 20 minutes and wash your face with warm water. Rest on the bed while keeping the mask on your face. Place previously warm (pour chamomile tea in warm water) and cold compresses alternately on your face if you have oily facial skin or skin with an impure complexion.
  7. Sunday – this is the best day for complete rest of body and soul. On this day, rest in the most comfortable way for you (but clean air is still one of the most powerful means of body/skin care products). Use every opportunity for a regular walk on Sundays, especially if the weather is dry and sunny.











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