The frog is a figure that brings abundance, prosperity and money

The frog is a figure that brings abundance, prosperity and money
Frog (another name is “Chinese money frog” or “Frog of fate”) is a lucky figure that brings abundance, prosperity and money to the home according to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. At the same time, the frog can attract negative energy into the home and you reject abundance from the home every day – if the owner-person does not follow the rules of the ancient Chinese tradition.
A frog with 3 legs has the most positive influence for the home
The Chinese name for the three-legged frog is “chan chu”. Tradition says that during the night of the full moon, good news related to material status can be expected if the energy of the Chinese frog rules in your home. There are several types of money frogs, but feng shui rules say that a frog with 3 legs and holding a coin in its mouth is the most effective. The legend goes on to say that a three-legged frog jumps in the home, leaving the energy of money in every corner of the house. These money frogs can be kept in the home, but also in the workplace to attract progress and wealth in the business environment.

The frog should be kept near the front door, etc
The frog that brings abundance should be kept near the front door and with its head facing the inside. It is best for people who have private jobs to keep the frog in the living room, while the northern part of the living room (for example on the tea table) is most favorable for career advancement.

Keep the frog in a visible place on, say, an office desk
Do not keep the frog facing the exit because the money just leaves
Also, do not keep the frog on the floor, nor in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. Throw away the frog immediately if it breaks because a broken frog attracts negativity. The frog also repels the positive energy of money if you keep it in a place with lots of people, commotion and constant noise.
Feng shui says that the “money frog” should be activated for abundance and happiness
Tie a red ribbon around the frog to activate the frog, or place the frog on a red carpet or other red surface. This procedure should not be performed if you have already purchased a frog with a red band.
It is necessary to have 9 money frogs if you want material energy to reign in the home

Place the frogs in the appropriate places in the home and if you have a yard then the frog can be placed there as well, especially if you have income from the garden and growing plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables etc. You can get 3 or 6 lucky frogs if you don’t decide to 9 money frogs. It is believed that the numbers 3 and 6 attract abundance, progress and happiness.


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