5 effective habits for a healthier life for all generations

5 effective habits for a healthier life for all generations
Experts used surveys to study people’s habits. People mostly said that they are satisfied with life and even share several common characteristics (regardless of age, social status, professions, education, living environment).

  1. Optimism – people who have a bright outlook on the world in general and who are grateful for everything they have are satisfied. They are satisfied people for whom hopelessness is a foreign concept and do not burden themselves with self-pity, but take various measures to change everything that can be changed. People who laugh often, have a great understanding of others and know how to play are happy.
  2. Balanced diet – experts believe that satisfied people are those who never use diet food but have good eating habits. They eat everything but in moderation. They give priority to fresh fruits and vegetables and do not often use fast and unhealthy food.
  3. Sufficient sleep – people who do not sleep enough lack enthusiasm and energy during the day. How much sleep is enough – this should be assessed by each person individually.
  4. Active life – the physical and mental health of an individual means a lot of movement. This does not mean doing heavy and strenuous exercises in the gym. Sometimes just a leisurely walk in nature, a bike ride or sports meetings with other people is enough. Social outings, engaging in social activities, visits to cultural events, participation in professional and charitable events, as well as all other manifestations are useful.
  5. Health care – only a healthy person can do everything. Let health be a priority for people who care about their own well-being.


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