People survived the plague thanks to acorn flour – history says

People survived the plague thanks to acorn flour – history says
Oak acorn improves blood count, normalizes blood pressure and lowers cholesterol. Oak acorns also help against anemia, joint pain, and digestive problems.
People survived the ominous plague precisely because of the use of oak acorn flour – it is stated in numerous historical writings
Oak acorns were one of the basic staples of life for our ancestors, although today they are rarely present in households and cooking. Our ancestors used ground acorn flour to make bread, porridge, and mixtures with honey.
Oak acorns contain plenty of minerals that strengthen immunity, increase energy and protect the heart
You can find acorn flour in health food stores and markets from trusted suppliers and retailers.
There is also acorn coffee on the market
People who have been drinking “coffee made from oak acorns” for a long time say that it invigorates the body, improves mood, strengthens the blood, regulates the work of the thyroid gland and the monthly cycle in women.
Sometimes you replace a cup of your favorite coffee with oak acorn coffee

  1. Collect healthy acorns or acorns that have fallen from the oak tree. Examine each acorn individually. Wash the acorns and put them in a bowl. Cover with water and heat until boiling. Cook for another 15 minutes. This will soften the shell and make it easier to remove. Tannins will also be removed with cooking, so the drink will be tastier.
  2. Drain and cool the acorns. Remove the skin with a knife. Throw away any acorns that are not completely healthy.
  3. Chop the cooked healthy acorns and transfer them to the pan. Bake in an oven heated to 180 degrees C until golden brown. Shake the pan occasionally and mix. Leave to cool.
  4. Put the roasted acorns in a multipurpose food processor. Then bake the acorns again in an oven heated to 180 degrees C until they take on the brown color of coffee. Acorns burn easily, so stay close to the stove all the time and stir the raw material occasionally.
  5. Grind the cooled twice-roasted acorns in a blender or electric (or manual) kfu grinder.
  6. Prepare oak acorn coffee like regular coffee


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