Nutrition for rejuvenation and elixirs of longevity

Nutrition for rejuvenation and elixirs of longevity
Scientists from the American University of California accidentally discovered a means for eternal youth. It turned out that growth hormone in combination with drugs for diabetes stops aging and activates the opposite processes (the body becomes younger over time).
Scientists and researchers were actually looking for a remedy for the regeneration of the thymus (that is, the thymus gland) and thus discovered the elixir of youth. The thymus is responsible for the production of immune cells and loses this ability with aging (that’s why scientists tried to find a means to improve the function of the thymunological gland). For years, a group of volunteers received growth hormone (somatotropin) and drugs for diabetes (which, according to scientists, could initiate the regeneration of the thymus). It turns out that the biological age of the volunteers becomes smaller by 2 and a half years after the end of the experiment. Scientists thus conclude that growth hormone and diabetes drugs activate the process of rejuvenating the organism at the genetic level.
Scientists point out that the results are still preliminary and need additional study, but “returning to the past” can start a new revolution in the health industry.
Moderate stress is another unexpected factor that slows down aging. If an organism is faced with stressful conditions compatible with life (short-term hunger, temperature change, slight lack of oxygen), then that organism switches to an economic regime and redirects energy from growth to fighting stress. The mechanism of “autophagy” (Greek for “self-eating”) is triggered, as cells digest their own structure, sacrificing part of the contents for nutrients. Cells are rejuvenated during short-term stress (but do not die) because unnecessary material goes to the furnace (damaged proteins, damaged mitochondria, etc.).
There is considerable evidence that a low-calorie diet (or occasional food deprivation) induces autophagy and thus prolongs life
Substances that are considered potential geroprotectors can slow down the aging process of the organism. Scientists point out that it is more rational to take such substances from food and not from medicines.

  1. Doctors advise the use of food containing glucosamine (eggs, cartilage, quince), taurine (turkey and tuna), carnosine (lamb and horse meat), melatonin (tomato, walnut, ginger), magnesium citrate (pumpkin seeds, sesame, almond). This food reduces inflammatory conditions in the body and thus stops premature aging.
  2. Vitamins K2, D3, B12 have geroprotective properties as well as polyphenols (which affect the health of blood vessels, immunity and cognitive functions). These vitamins are contained in berries, tea, coffee, herbs and vegetables.
  3. Zinc (beans, cocoa, seafood), lithium (tomatoes, potatoes) are trace elements that have geroprotective properties, that is, they increase the level of protection of the organism. It is important not to overdo the dosage.
  4. Research continues regarding the geroprotective properties of berberine (found in barberry), urolithin A (pomegranate) or spermidine (wheat germ, mushrooms and legumes).

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