8 newer, renovated and particularly beautiful locations in Sarajevo

8 newer, renovated and particularly beautiful locations in Sarajevo
Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are main and famous tourist locations that have been visited by everyone who has been to Sarajevo at least once. But there are also many new and renovated locations (after the 1992-1995 aggression) that are worth seeing because they give the visitor an unforgettable and beautiful experience that he will always remember.

  1. Avaz Twist Tower (Tešanjska 24 Street, 71 000 sarajevo) – one of the largest skyscrapers in the city, which having a curly facade, contains many offices and houses many domestic and foreign companies. The skyscraper has 35 floors and is located near the main train station.It is also the tallest building in the Balkans. The height of the skyscraper is 172 meters (the antenna is 30 meters and the height of the skyscraper is 142 meters and there is a restaurant at 100 meters). http://www.avaztwisttower.com
  2. Caffe restaurant 35 – is a popular coffee bar and a favorite gathering place for locals and tourists. The pastry shop is located on the 35th or highest floor of the Avaz Twist Tower. There is a platform with binoculars that can be used to see even the most hidden places in the city. The cafe is also a lookout, which is reached by a glass panoramic elevator.
  3. Igman bar – this café and pastry shop is located on the 15th, last floor of the Ibis styles hotel in the new part of town. The cafe is decorated with inspiration related to the 14th Winter Olympic Games held back in 1984 in Sarajevo. The cafe is surrounded by glass, so it gives the visitor a spectacular view of that part of the city.
  4. 4 stars Courtyard Marriott Hotel Sarajevo – is a newer hotel located in the city center and in the immediate vicinity of “Baščaršija”, the popular old part. The hotel has its own parking lot and a roof terrace with a cafe restaurant. There are shops on the ground floor of the hotel for all hotel visitors. http://www.marriott.com
  5. SOne Sky Lounge – is a cafe restaurant on the roof terrace of the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in the city center. There is an outdoor panoramic elevator that takes visitors up to the cafe. From the cafe, the view is directed towards that central part of the city. http://www.marriott.com
  6. Yellow Tabija and White Tabija – two forts dating from the Ottoman rule. Both forts offer a fascinating view of the old part of Sarajevo. The forts can be reached on foot, by car or minibus. By the way, Žuta tabija is about a 10-minute walk from the old town. Bijela tabija is also the name of the restaurant with a beautiful view of the old part of the city.
  7. Lookout “Zmajevac” – every visitor can visit the lookout in the old part of the city on foot, by minibus or in their own car. Cafe restaurant in Vidikovac offers a large selection of traditional sweet and savory dishes and drinks, hookah, etc.
  8. The oasis of fresh air of the mountain “Trebević” is the closest mountain in Sarajevo, which can be reached by cable car (www.zicara.ba) , on foot, by car, city minibus or according to your own arrangements. Mount Trebević encompasses the narrower city core on the south side (these city settlements are mostly in the shade, so the citizens of Sarajevo call them “mildewy side”). There are plenty of interesting restaurants and places on the mountain that offer a beautiful view of that part of Sarajevo. There is the Lookout, the Observatory (Tower on Bistrik), the Pino hotel (www.pino-hotel.com) , the Sunnyland resort for children and the whole family in the East Sarajevo (Miljevići bb Street), the “Sofa” peak.







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