Rosemary wine and vine tea for better circulation during the summer

Rosemary wine and vine tea for better circulation during the summer
Vein diseases are the most common diseases of modern man – according to the statistics of the World Health Organization (about 30% of people over 25 years of age have problems with veins, while women have 4 times more vein diseases). Predispositions for the onset of the disease are overweight, pregnancy, hormonal changes during menopause, family history and jobs where a person stands for a long time.

Self-help tips

  1. Regular exercise, especially walking is recommended
  2. Reduction of body weight
  3. Use medical socks for varicose veins
  4. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains that promote good digestion (because poor digestion is also one of the main causes of varicose veins).
  5. Eat blueberries, cherries, blackberries and black grapes (because they are rich sources of anthocyanin pigments that can strengthen veins).
  6. Add garlic, onion, ginger and cayenne pepper to the dishes (because they help the body to overcome fibrin, that is, the protein that creates hard tissue, a lot of lumps around varicose veins).
  7. Strengthening circulation is possible by showering alternately with hot/cold water every day. Use lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus baths (aromatic oils). In the morning, a foot and hand massage is useful (and a foot massage is especially useful because it stimulates blood circulation and better oxygen flow).
  8. Avoid fatty and spicy dishes. With the intake of bread, cereals, legumes and potatoes, you will give your body enough energy. A good choice is lentil and soy soup, wheat (or oat) soup with the addition of rosemary, celery and onion (because they provide the body with the necessary nutritional ingredients).
  9. The summer heat is particularly conducive to the worsening of circulation problems, which are increasingly common today. The symptoms are variable in nature and largely a reflection of the weather (low blood pressure symptoms worsen: blurred vision, dizziness, increased heart rate, i.e. the number of beats per minute, buzzing and ringing in the ears and cold sweating of the hands).
  10. Put pine needles, nettle leaf, mint leaf, basil, laurel, rosemary and geranium with chavanda flower, lemon peel, cinnamon and almond fruit in a cloth bag. Hang the bag on the faucet so that the stream of water flows over it. You can rub the body with a bag of plants at the end of the bath.
  11. Homemade wine made from dried rosemary – put 20 grams of dried rosemary in a liter of wine. Leave for 7 days. It is drunk strained and a small glass every morning.
  12. Consume fruits that contain potassium (bananas, apricots, citrus fruits, peaches) and vegetables rich in vitamin C (pepper, lettuce, spinach).
  13. Homemade vine tea – add one tablespoon of dried vine leaves to 2 dcl of water. Drink fresh tea three times a day for two to three weeks.
  14. Excessive heat should be avoided. Walking and cycling are moderate physical activities during hot summer days.


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