5 baths that can be used daily by all generations

5 baths that can be used daily by all generations

  1. Bath for waking up – a bath with rosemary is a great choice for waking up in the morning. It stimulates the heart and blood flow, cleans the pores and is great for the skin. Pour 4 handfuls of rosemary with water and prepare a bath. Showering with cold water is mandatory after using this bath.
  2. Calming bath – pour 4 handfuls of linden flowers with boiling water. Pour that drain into the bathtub. Do not shower with cold water after this bath. Go to bed now.
  3. Bath for calming and soft skin – take 6 whole lemons and cut the fruit into leaves (together with the peel). Place in a container with water-. Drain in the bath water after a few hours. This bath makes the skin soft and has a soothing effect on the body.
  4. Bath for stronger blood flow – take 250 grams to 500 grams of sea salt and mix it in the bath. Lie down for up to 15 minutes. Rose petals can be added to the bath, which smell nice and awaken all the senses. The bath strengthens the circulation and the whole organism.
  5. Anti-insomnia bath – many people try to sleep with the use of tablets, which nevertheless have negative side effects (disrupt natural sleep, take the fullness and depth of sleep, shorten important phases in the sleep process – phases important for the body, especially the phase with dreams). A person becomes addicted over time because an ever-increasing dose is needed for ever-increasing effects. Drink lemon balm and valerian tea or use valerian, lemon balm and basil essential oil. Simple herbal preparations are recommended: drops of oleander or valerian in doses of 400 to 600 mg per day (they have an effect similar to chemical stimulants but are not addictive). Valerian is used alone or in combination with hops and lemon balm. Baths before bed also help (besides herbs), but the water temperature should be between 35 and 39 degrees C. The same results are achieved with a foot bath (for people who don’t have enough time). Dry your feet well after the bath and immediately go to rest.

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