The peoples of northern Europe and Scandinavia give advice for the winter period

The peoples of northern Europe and Scandinavia give advice for the winter period
During the 7-day flu this winter, strong chicken soup, medical and homemade syrups, medical drugs, teas simply did not help much. However, after exactly 7 days, the flu started to subside and finally stopped. The symptoms were exhaustion, fever, fatigue, mild dizziness, constant cough.
The peoples of Scandinavia give excellent advice from their own experience of living in the conditions of what used to be a harsh winter. Some people are cold in winter while others are warm. This subjective feeling of cold is influenced by both physiological and psychological factors (according to scientists). Therefore, the experience of people from Northern Europe can be very useful, because they certainly tolerate cold, strong winds and minuses well.
The body temperature of a healthy person is 36.6 °C. However, everything depends on individual characteristics of the organism – say doctors. That is why a temperature between 36.1 and 37.2 degrees C is considered a normal body temperature (which varies during the day and in various living environments and depends on the way of life, region and state of the organism).
The body temperature of each person depends on:
-genetics- which is responsible for metabolism and the amount of fat in the body. Body fat acts as an insulator (so slim people with little body fat lose more heat).
-circulation-blood thickens in the cold while the network of blood vessels in the skin narrows and blood flow slows down.
-men/women- women are colder in winter than men due to metabolism, hormones and the difference in the percentage of fat tissue. The phase of the monthly cycle also affects the body temperature of women (the temperature increases by 0.7 C during the period of ovulation).
-degree of physical activity- each person can tolerate the cold more easily if he is more active.

  • bad habits – bad habits such as smoking and alcohol narrow blood vessels and this increases a person’s sensitivity to cold.
  • nutrition – body temperature increases due to non-muscular thermogenesis (during winter and after eating) – thermogenesis is the process by which the body raises its body temperature to digest and absorb food. Feeling cold can be caused by anemia (or a lack of red blood cells), Raynaud’s disease (which causes blood vessels to narrow), a complication of arteriosclerosis (which can reduce sensitivity to heat and cold), hypothyroidism (a thyroid hormone disorder), and diabetes.
    The cold can cause a person to die in just a few hours
    Coordination and motor skills deteriorate with a drop in body temperature of just 1 degree. The body does not produce heat at 32 degrees C and irreversible tissue death begins, while at 20 degrees C the heart stops working.
    The polar (Arctic) winter is accompanied by harsh conditions as the temperature drops to -50 and -60 degrees C. Nevertheless, the peoples of the north managed to withstand these harsh winter conditions for centuries. Experts have found a mutation in the mitochondria after research that raises the body temperature. The gene (which corresponds to resistance to frost) has 3 subtypes, namely one that processes fatty food, another that converts fat into heat and the third that expands blood vessels and thus preserves temperature. Experts believe that these genes are 20,000-25,000 years old. That is why some people do not use warm woolen hats or scarves or quilts and can sleep in tents covering their bodies with fur.
    Scientists explain that both genetic predispositions and diet affect the strong immune system of these people.
  1. People from the north of Europe give the body extra energy because they eat the meat of marine animals, bears and reindeer in raw, frozen and thermally processed form. Fats make up 60% of nutrition.
  2. Liver of salmon, cod and reindeer (richer in vitamin A and D) will compensate for the lack of sun and more warm days.
  3. Fresh reindeer blood is considered the best medicine against scurvy (vitamin C deficiency).
  4. Reindeer milk is very fatty and high in calories (100 grams of milk contains 272 kcal and 20 grams of fat). The composition of reindeer milk is ideal for people from the north of Europe. Milk has 3x more protein and 5x more fat than cow’s milk. Fat from reindeer milk is absorbed by 98%. Reindeer milk contains more protein, albumin, casein, magnesium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus than cow’s milk.
  5. Reindeer milk is an effective anti-aging medicine because it strengthens the immune system, normalizes intestinal microflora, regenerates cells, rejuvenates the skin and has a beneficial effect on the overall state of the organism.
  6. Reindeer milk is rarely drunk in its pure form because it has a strong and sour taste. Milk is preferred for the preparation of beverages and various dairy products.
  7. People from the north eat ice cream all year round and use ice cream as a cure for sore throats. Ice cream relieves pain and reduces throat irritation, prevents the multiplication of microorganisms and bacteria in the mouth, reduces the sensitivity of the mucous membrane, and has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  8. During the short polar summer, the peoples of the north collect medicinal plants and fruits (for example, northern cranberry and polar raspberry) that they use in their diet. These fruits and plants have a lot of useful ingredients and substances. They help in the prevention and treatment of infections, diseases of the kidneys, liver, urinary tract and cardiovascular system.
  9. Animal fat is added to the milk for a medicinal and caloric drink (helps to maintain normal body temperature at minus).
  10. Hot milk with the addition of raw eggs is a popular drink. This protein drink provides energy, increases endurance and stimulates the process of rebuilding bones and muscle tissue.
  11. A medicinal drink can be made from goat’s, cow’s or donkey’s milk in the absence of reindeer milk.
  12. Add cubes of butter to milk due to cough. Add honey to a glass of warm milk for a sore throat. Add a raw egg to a glass of hot milk for male potency. Drink before going to bed. Add one spoonful of raspberries and one spoonful of black currants to a glass of kefir to boost immunity.

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