5 natural preparations against women’s health problems

5 natural preparations against women’s health problems
The intimate health of women is especially affected during colder days (because any cold can result in inflammation of the ovaries, urinary tract and other difficulties). The causes of itching and burning of the female genital organs can be various (dryness of the genital organ or the use of heavy detergents for washing clothes). It is preferable to seek medical help/therapy first (because the gynecologist/medical findings will establish a bacterial or viral disease, fungal infection, bacterial vaginosis, sexually transmitted diseases, menopause, stress and a clear diagnosis/treatment can be set). However, in most cases, itching and burning disappear after a few days and due to compliance with basic hygiene precautions. It is also recommended to use phytotherapy, i.e. natural solutions that are an excellent supplement to medical therapy. However, caution is required due to potential allergic reactions. Many women claim that natural therapy works, although data on its positive effect have not yet been scientifically proven.


Natural preparations (against burning and itching of female genital organs) are effective and do not damage immunity and have no consequences on overall health

  1. Apple cider vinegar – there is little evidence of the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for infections of the female genital organs. However, a recent study in Scientific Reports says that this food may be effective against Candida Albicans (the bacteria that causes vaginal candidiasis). Apple cider vinegar can therefore be effective against the itching and burning associated with this type of infection. Vinegar should always be diluted with water, otherwise it can cause irritation. Dilute 2 tablespoons of vinegar in a cup of warm water. Clean the female genital organ from the inside with the obtained liquid. Repeat the procedure twice during 7 days. Unpleasant symptoms disappear already on the 2nd day of application.
  2. A yogurt and honey study from the Journal of the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics included 129 pregnant women with vaginal yeast infections. 82 women used a medicine made of yogurt and honey, while 47 women were treated with an antifungal cream (which can be obtained without a doctor’s prescription). The researchers ultimately determined that the mixture of honey and yogurt is more effective than the cream. Another study from 2015 confirms these results. Mix some natural yogurt (without sugar) with honey and put the mixture in the female genital organ.
  3. Garlic-In 2006, a study was published in the journal Phytotherapy, which says that garlic can help against 18 strains of Candida. However, the role of garlic against other infections remains a matter of debate. There are different opinions regarding the use of garlic in the genital area. Some say garlic is perfectly safe to use while others claim it causes irritation and discomfort. First, therefore, perform a small test due to the observation of possible unwanted reactions. Rinse the genital area and stop using garlic due to unwanted reactions. Mix 5 drops of garlic oil and one tablespoon of vitamin E. Apply the mixture to the genitals with gentle rubbing in circular motions. Wash off after 10 minutes with plenty of water. Repeat the procedure twice during two weeks.
  4. Medicinal salt baths – baths with salt water are an excellent alternative due to the relief of itching and burning. There is no scientific evidence for a positive effect even though this is an old folk remedy. This is a very cheap drug with no side effects. Dilute one tablespoon of salt in 250 ml of water. Pour part into a warm bath. Use the other half to wash the intimate area. You will feel the relief immediately.
  5. Cold compresses with ice cubes – you should always start from simple to complex (especially if an immediate effect is needed). Try cold compresses for discomfort caused by vaginal itching and burning. You will feel the relief immediately. Wrap 3 ice cubes in a clean cotton tissue. Tie the handkerchief in a knot. Hold for about 5 minutes on the intimate area. Repeat the procedure after half a minute. Perform the procedure five times a day for 5 days. Cold compresses solve discomfort, itching and burning in the female intimate area.





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