10 tips for easier and faster sleep and a pleasant sleep

10 tips for easier and faster sleep and a pleasant sleep
Many people have problems sleeping and often suffer from insomnia. It is important to have light pajamas and sleeping clothes in general so that the body can rest as well as possible.


  1. Light clothes and pajamas for sleeping – body temperature drops during sleep (although the circadian rhythm process can be disrupted if a person sleeps in layers of clothes and “heavy” pajamas). The temperature has a great influence on sleep (due to clothing, it remains elevated, which leads to insomnia).
  2. The body continues to function during sleep – many regenerative processes are carried out in our body during sleep. More growth hormone is produced and growth hormone activates collagen production. The condition of the skin and the quality of rest are improved with light sleeping clothes. Wound healing processes are accelerated, while the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation is slowed down.
  3. Contact of the skin with the air improves metabolic processes – less clothing is preferable to light pajamas (although doctors say that pajamas are also unnatural for the human body because they do not allow the skin to breathe). Pajamas can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi if a person sweats a lot during sleep, so it is also good to sleep without clothes or with very little night clothes. The contact of the skin with the air also accelerates the cleansing of the blood from toxins.
  4. The hormone oxytocin prevents depression and strengthens the work of the nervous system – a person with few clothes or no pajamas will receive an additional dose of the hormone oxytocin (which makes life better and the body healthier). Oxytocin reduces stress and anxiety, prevents cancer and alleviates inflammatory conditions in the body.
  5. Clean and light underwear – underwear should always be clean and tidy. Sleeping in underwear increases the risk of fungal infections of the female genital organ (because bacteria multiply quickly in warm and humid environments). Untidy and unclean underwear will irritate the delicate skin in sensitive areas.
  6. Sleeping with little or no clothes stimulates the production of “brown” fat, which burns a lot of calories – the production of the stress hormone cortisol (which normally works as an appetite catalyst) decreases. There is a greater chance of weight reduction if there is less cortisol in the body.
  7. Male reproductive health – sleeping with little underwear and little or no sleep clothes will improve male reproductive health. The body produces high-quality sperm if the body temperature is lowered. This increases the chances of successful egg fertilization.
  8. Sugar and blood levels are reduced with light sleeping clothes – or no clothes at all, according to scientific studies by Swiss scientists. The hormones leptin and adiponectin, which help in the production of insulin, are responsible for these processes. These hormones love the cold, so sleeping with or without light clothing is even part of preventing type 2 diabetes.
  9. Blood circulation is more normal and the body gets enough oxygen (which contributes to rapid cell regeneration) – because heavy pajamas hinder movement during sleep.
  10. Libido increases in men and women and in general partners due to frequent “skin to skin” contact during sleep. The emotional connection between partners is strengthened.




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