10 health and medicinal benefits of coffee

10 health and medicinal benefits of coffee
Many people consider coffee to be a dangerous drink because it causes heart palpitations and addiction. However, opinions about coffee are changing due to recent research. Coffee should be drunk in moderation because the medicinal properties of coffee are pronounced. Coffee is definitely a useful drink (because the ingredient caffeine helps against headaches, joint and muscle pain).

  1. The number of daily cups of coffee is individual. Many people cannot stand the smell and taste of coffee and drink other caffeinated beverages (green tea, black tea, mate tea, puer and other beverages). There are also people who do not notice the positive effect of coffee or enjoy the smell and taste, but still drink coffee. One cup of coffee a day is an optimal measure according to nutritionists. Sometimes an extra cup of decaffeinated coffee can be drunk. Excessive consumption often causes poor sleep and generally lower productivity.
  2. Coffee helps the digestive tract – coffee is a drink with increased acidity because it has a low pH. Hydrochloric acid helps break down food faster. One cup of coffee after a meal helps the stomach process food faster. People with reflux, gastritis, people with stomach ulcers and hyperacidity should skip coffee after eating. On the contrary, people with reduced stomach acidity should drink coffee after eating.
  3. Coffee should not be diluted with milk (because it is milk that neutralizes the beneficial properties of coffee, so coffee will not help digestion, but probably on the contrary, coffee with milk will make digestion difficult).
  4. Coffee gives energy, strength and resolves drowsiness – caffeine (not only in coffee) blocks adenosine receptors that send fatigue signals to the brain. Man is ultimately tired but does not feel tired. Sometimes that case is also useful. That is why it is advisable to drink coffee in moderation. Coffee will not remove the fatigue of a chronically sleep-deprived person – the person will feel in a good mood, but the processes of cell destruction will take place in the body in the long term. These processes eventually alarm a person in the form of pain. That’s why, as a last resort, drink coffee to wake up easier.
  5. Coffee relieves pain – this is an unexpected positive effect of coffee. Caffeine reduces symptoms related to headaches, joint and muscle pain. That’s why many headache pills contain caffeine.
  6. Coffee helps the swelling of bile – this is a property of coffee that facilitates digestion. It is especially relevant if the person has eaten a lot of fatty food, food rich in proteins, or the person has gallstones/sand. A small cup of espresso coffee will be useful after a meal if the person does not have stomach problems.
  7. Coffee contains healing minerals – 100 ml of coffee contains potassium (it has a diuretic effect) and magnesium. People who drink coffee moderately every day (no more than 2 cups a day) suffer less from osteoporosis (precisely because of the minerals contained in coffee).
  8. There are also several studies that coffee reduces the level of bad cholesterol.
  9. Today, the influence of coffee on human metabolism is actively studied. However, it is too early to talk about the results. It is likely that supplements based on coffee beans will be taken if the effect of coffee is proven (and then an unlimited number of cups of coffee will not be drunk daily).
  10. Coffee always has a different taste if you add medicinal cinnamon, cardamom and the like to the drink. It is recommended to sometimes use coffee in cooking, for example, make a sweet roll with the addition of a little ground coffee instead of cocoa, smoothies with coffee and the like










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