5 tips if working out in the gym doesn’t produce results

5 tips if working out in the gym doesn’t produce results
Many are not satisfied with the results after visiting the gym, even though they regularly visit gyms. Maybe you’re overlooking some little things that cause bigger problems. Fitness beginners also unconsciously make mistakes during exercise in gyms. Sometimes they get a negative experience, so they easily lose motivation.

  1. Stretching after training is desirable. It is important to warm up and stretch your muscles before exercising. Stretching the muscles after training is also important. This increases the effect of the exercises. Muscles become more flexible and hurt less after intense exercise. During stretching, growth hormone (somatotropin) is released in the body, which stimulates an increase in muscle mass.
  2. Improper position of the body on the machines (trainers) – the biomechanics of the human body is very complicated. The result of performing any exercise therefore depends on the correct position of the arms, legs and spine. Look for advice from more experienced exercisers and trainers. A person puts ligaments and joints at risk by neglecting the correct position of the body.
  3. Tea, coffee, energy drink – doctors constantly emphasize that it is strictly forbidden to do any sport or training after consuming coffee or energy drink. The heart is already under the influence of caffeine and will not withstand the additional load from intense physical activity. Coffee in combination with training is a strong cause of heart attacks.
  4. Exercising on an empty stomach – starvation is a stress for the body, but exercising on an empty stomach has a double negative effect on the body. The organism feels that energy reserves are limited, so it switches to economic mode. That’s why a hungry athlete burns fewer calories than a person who had a meal before training. A frightened organism stores up just in case at the next meal (turns 30% of the food eaten into fat).
  5. It is good to visit the gym only 3 times a week – it is pointless to exercise every day because the body does not have time to rest until the muscles recover. Visiting the gym 3 times a week (classic training scheme) is desirable and sufficient. Many beginners try to increase body mass every day, so their efforts are wasted. It doesn’t bring results. Daily exercise leads to chronic fatigue and possibly heart problems, but by no means an ideal figure.


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