Parsley juice solves leg swelling and excess water in the body

Parsley juice solves leg swelling and excess water in the body
Regular daily activities (including ordinary walking and walking) are quite difficult due to the swelling of the legs and the accumulation of excess water in the body (excess water pours into our joints and legs). Normal walking becomes painful with every step. Disturbance of the balance between the ratio of fluids in cells and outside cells may also occur due to physiological processes (heat, pregnancy, various abnormalities and diseases, poor living conditions). The increase in fluid outside the cells consequently causes swelling in various parts of the body.
The percentage of water in the human body depends on the body weight of the person, gender and age. The total amount of fluid in the body is inside most often refers to a disease, weakness of the heart or kidneys, but it can also cause this disease if a person does not pay attention to the symptoms.
In some rare cases (when every disease is ruled out by the elimination system, so the cause is unknown and the swelling is still present), alternative methods of treatment can be applied. Medical preparations and medicines only temporarily remove excess water from the body. But the unpleasant leg pains, especially in the feet, remain. Creams and expensive preparations also give short-term results.
Fresh parsley juice is the solution to swollen legs and excess water in the body

  1. Chop the parsley leaf with your fingers. Pour 400 to 500 ml of hot water over the chopped parsley. Cover and leave overnight (at least 10 hours). Strain in the morning and add lemon juice. Drink tea three times a day. Drink the tea for 2 days, then take a break for 3 to 4 days.
  2. Cut 60 grams of parsley and squeeze the juice of one lemon without the pips. Place in a blender and add 250 ml of water. Blend the ingredients. Drink this drink daily for 5 days, then take a 10-day break. You can drink the drink again after the break and repeat the process in the same order and according to needs.
  3. Cut the parsley and cover with the same amount of boiled water. Leave covered overnight. Add the juice of one lemon in the morning. Drink again three times a day. No need to add sugar, stevia or honey. Drink for two days. Apply this proven old recipe until the swelling and pain in your legs stop.
  4. These parsley recipes are also great for cleansing the kidneys. You will notice that the complaints have disappeared and your legs are light after a one-month treatment with parsley.
  5. Prepare tea/beverage with parsley as a preventive measure even when unbearable heat and hot summer days occur.


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