Travelers can travel the world for free while taking care of home-owners pets

The idea is as follows: people need someone to take care of their dog, cat, canary or other animal, they look for a person for that on that platform, and that person arrives at their home, stays in it free of charge and takes care of the animal along the way, writes Putni kofer .

Regular walks, feeding and cuddling certainly leave enough time for carefree research and getting to know the destination itself. Pet owners also benefit, who thus save compared to the costs of professional pet sitters and hotels for dogs or cats.

The platform was founded in 2010 out of love for animals – as they state on the platform. To date, more than four million overnight stays have been realized through it for people who have discovered that they can travel the world for free while taking care of their pets. They have members from more than 130 countries around the world, and they estimate that their users have saved more than half a billion dollars on accommodation and pet care costs.

Andy Peck, who 13 years ago had a serious accident in the Andes, is behind it all. While recuperating in the beautiful Spanish countryside, in a house he found through the “housesitters” platform (popular house keeping and exchange), he became close to the dog Dave. Talking to Dave’s owner, he realized how much of an undertaking it is to find someone to take care of a pet. That’s when he came up with the idea of starting a platform that would connect animal lovers and enable them to travel the world more cheaply. That’s how Trusted House Sitters was created-writes

Registration on the platform is free, but an annual membership fee of 129, 199 or 249 euros per year is payable, depending on the selected package. With the registration and membership fee, the person chooses to look after the animal or you need someone to look after it yourself. If you chose the first option, the ads of those who are planning a trip and need care will be listed, and in the second case, an ad will open in which you need to write the dates, location and types of animals that the “nanny” will take care of while you are away.

Animal owners can also rest easy because all registered pet sitters have their identity confirmed, and on the page you can also see the ratings given to them by the previous owners of the animals they stayed with. As with all platforms where the ratings of previous users are important, it sounds difficult to find a pet sitter or a pet sitter when you first register. That platform also thought of that, so if the owner does not find a person to take care of the animal two weeks after placing the ad, the paid membership fee is returned.

If you applied for care and were selected, you get in direct contact with the owner of the animals and agree on the arrival details. Once you arrive at the location and meet the owner, he conveys to you all the habits and needs of his pet (or more, there are many ads with multiple animals in the household), and then you agree on how often you will send him photos, videos and video calls call.


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