Vesuvius Challenge’ Will Pay Up to $1M to Whoever Can Decipher Charred Scrolls From Pompeii


On a normal day long ago in 79 CE, the volcano known as Mount Vesuvius erupted, covering the town below it in volcanic ash. Pompeii was obliterated with people suffocating under ash and buildings vanishing, not to be unearthed for hundreds of years. Historians today view Pompeii as a valuable time capsule of ancient life, preserved much as it was that fateful day. Among the ruins, researchers have discovered burnt papyri scrolls known as the Herculaneum Papyri. For the past 275 years, no one has been able to decipher the writings. A new contest known as the “Vesuvius Challenge” is offering up to $1 million to the people who can at last read the scrolls with AI technology.


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