3 natural healing foods loved by priests and spiritual people

3 natural healing foods loved by priests and spiritual people
Simple natural foods and preparations for treatment from traditional folk recipes are the “key” to the good health of the greatest priests and “spiritual people” in recent decades.


  1. Tea made from blackcurrant leaves is, according to the medicinal records of doctors from Paris, extremely effective for rheumatism, rheumatic pains and gout (apart from spa spas and medical therapies). Approximately 10 to 20 leaves are placed in half a liter of water. Let the tea boil. Tea is drunk without sugar. You can take a small spoonful of honey on your tongue and drink the tea for a better taste. Tea is drunk in the morning and in the evening. Tea is useful against rheumatism, gastritis and vein congestion.
  2. Nettle – priests and spiritual people believe in alternative natural medicine apart from the use of official medicine. Nettle leaves can be included in the daily diet and various types of dishes (salads, soups, stews). Fresh nettle is rich in iron, so it is useful for anemia, rapid fatigue, pallor, lack of energy. It is rich in vitamin C, vitamins K and D, B2, B5, magnesium, silicic acid (formic acid that gives nettle its glow).
  3. Tomato juice – the consumption of tomato juice is much less frequent, because we usually use tomatoes in salads. Tomato juice has a beneficial effect on the whole body because it is rich in vitamins A and C. Regular drinking of this juice prevents eye and vision problems, strengthens immunity, and contributes to better bone and teeth health. Due to the ingredient niacin, the level of bad cholesterol decreases and the level of good cholesterol rises. Fiber in tomatoes gives a feeling of satiety. Tomatoes help kidney and liver work and thus cleanse the body of toxins. Tomato juice is an excellent remedy for indigestion. Tomato juice can be applied to the skin as it solves problems with acne and enlarged pores.



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