9 plants for everyday use in every home

9 plants for everyday use in every home
New York-based physician Claudia Machado Cook offers helpful tips for building your own DIY herbal treatment kit. Everyday life is full of small health problems (digestive problems, burns, swelling) that can be solved even by a layman in the field of aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

  1. Aloe gel from the plant can be used to relieve burns, sunburns and skin rashes. Aloia can be grown in every home in a sunny place on the windowsill. A tube of aloe gel is a handy travel accessory.
  2. Boar-boar gel removes pain and swelling as well as the ugly color of the skin from bruises. Do not apply the gel to open wounds.
  3. Dried chamomile flower-chamomile tea eases indigestion, alleviates the feeling of fear and has a beneficial effect against insomnia. Strain the flower of freshly brewed tea through a coffee filter and this is an excellent remedy against eye infections. Use as an eye wash.
  4. Dried calendula flower – effective liquid for cuts and burns. Make strong fresh tea. Take one tablespoon for one cup of boiling water. Rinse the wounds with cooled tea.
  5. Echinacea tincture – works against colds and infections. Dilute echinacea with water in equal amounts because it is an effective agent against infections. Apply where the infection is.
  6. Ginger root or capsules – take ginger powder or ginger capsules for nausea or chew a small piece of crystallized ginger.
  7. Hydrastis Canadensis plant powder in capsules – apply the contents of the opened capsule to the open wound.
  8. Tea tree essential oil – mix a mixture of tea tree essential oil with vegetable oil against fungal and bacterial inflammatory conditions in wounds, scratches or against foot fungus.
  9. Hamamelis tincture – prevents infections in wounds. It cleans wounds and promotes the treatment of rashes and burns.



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