“Gear” ring and earrings by Goldsmith Sofic (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina)

“Gear” ring. 280.00 KM – 340.00 KM. Modeled after a ring found in Zavidovići, 19th century. The diameter of the plate is 26 mm

“Gear” earrings. 220.00 KM – 260.00 KM. The earrings are inspired by a motif from a ring found in Zavidovići from the 19th century. The diameter of the earring plate is 26 mm.
BAM 220.00 to BAM 260.00

Contact info:

Gazihusrevbegova 39, 71000 Sarajevo
Tel: + 387 33 226 277
Kontakt: info@zlatarsofic.com
Orders: orders@zlatarsofic.com




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