7 types of food for every day

7 types of food for every day

  1. Spinach – this is an important food especially for men. It stimulates sexual reactions, strengthens the heart, helps in the breakdown of muscles and bones, and helps preserve healthy vision.
  2. Yogurt-yogurt helps fight tumors, build bones and strengthens the immune system. Probiotic yogurts that contain healthy bacteria are especially healthy.
  3. Tomatoes – they strengthen the immune system, help fight tumors, protect the health of the cardiovascular system. Canned and fresh tomatoes are equally healthy. A glass of tomato juice can replace vegetables-
  4. Carrots – protect the eyes from diseases, strengthen immunity and help against cancer.
  5. Blueberries – stimulate the brain. They help prevent memory loss. They have a preventive effect against diabetes. Vitamins A and C in blueberries protect the cardiovascular system. They contain abundant antioxidants and more than other types of fruit.
  6. Black beans – every bean is good, but black beans are the best guardian of the heart. Antioxidants in black beans also have a beneficial effect on the brain.
  7. Walnuts – contain valuable ingredients that stimulate muscle growth, stimulate the brain and strengthen immunity. They are richer in omega-3 fatty acids than cod. A serving of walnuts is about 7 whole kernels and is good at any time of the day, especially after a hard day’s work.





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