7 useful tips regarding the use of flowers in home flora-therapy

7 useful tips regarding the use of flowers in home floratherapy
Flower healing or floratherapy is an old art of healing the soul and body with fresh flowers. The origin of floratherapy is the region of Southeast Asia. Ancient healers believed that every disease originates from unbalanced energy in the body. Flowers have their own biofield. Flowers therefore accumulate a lot of creative energy during growth. A cut flower releases energy into the surrounding space. This energy has a liberating effect. Each type of fresh flower harmonizes a person’s emotional state by filling that person with energy.
Flower therapy is closely connected with nature, fairies and angels
Magical fairies are excellent allies of all people because they help the manifestation of the wishes of each individual. A person who works with flowers is automatically associated with fairy energy.
Angels are dear friends to all people and in a close relationship with flowers
Angels are present all over planet Earth and are involved in every aspect of people’s lives on the planet. Angels are happy to see people use God’s healing gifts by dealing with nature.
Treatment with flowers is methodical and gradual. It is believed that a sick person has weakened energy, but flowers give that person a powerful energy direction.
That is why it is correct to start floratherapy with one flower with an unopened bud. The number of flowers gradually increases.
There is a specific flower attuned to each disease. That flower is chosen by the florist.

  1. White flowers with a sage smell (roses or lisianthus) are prescribed for mental illnesses and diseases of the nervous system
  2. Red flowers with a slight fragrance or no fragrance are given to people with somatic diseases
  3. Light yellow flowers with a pronounced aroma or bright spots are given to people with infections (for example Peruvian lily)
  4. Dark blue or purple flowers are recommended for insomnia (hyacinths, iris)
  5. Floratherapy is divided into 2 stages. The first stage involves the use of one unopened flower. Keep this flower 1 meter away from where you usually sit and in your line of sight.
  6. It is useful to observe the bud that blooms and then gradually takes on a pale color.
  7. The person creates his own bouquet of healing in the second phase. This should be a deep and meditative process. The floritherapist gives an opinion on the dynamics of the person’s recovery and according to the colors chosen for the bouquet. If, for example, the patient is prescribed a red flower at the beginning of the therapy, and the hands are looking for buds of warm and fiery shades, then it means that the patient is well on the way to recovery from the disease. If the patient chooses pale and cold tones, then that patient is still far from being cured.

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