8 types of flowers suitable for home medicinal therapy

8 types of flowers suitable for home medicinal therapy
Flower therapy or florotherapy is a very useful ancient art of healing the soul and body with fresh flowers. It is preferable to start with one flower with an unopened bud and gradually and methodically increase the number of flowers. Flower therapy restores energy to the body. The smell and color of flowers spread to energy areas, so flower therapy helps with metaphysical problems. It deepens spiritual practice and activates psychological abilities. Even one flower is a good option against fatigue, anxiety and exhaustion.

  1. Margarita – margarita is grown in gardens and on terraces and does not require much care. White petals calm and “clean” the mind. Margarita removes stress, contributes to the feeling of creating peace and tranquility. This flower helps people to focus on important aspects of life. Margarita is a flower that sends a message to simplify all events and energy.
  2. Dandelion – Dandelion has the ability to regenerate the energy of mind and body. Dandelion collects and emits energy around us throughout the year. Dandelion is a charm with 3, 5 or 7 buds and can be inhaled, eaten and drunk. It opens spiritual powers because it is filled with sunlight. Yellow dandelion solves anger, resentment, resentment and jealousy. Dandelion is a flower that we “blow” and is especially good for making dreams come true. It brings peace and tranquility to people. Dandelion helps manifest human desires.
  3. African violet – this is a valuable addition to bedrooms because it can absorb electro-magnetic pollution (which can negatively change people’s nervous system and mood). It is believed that the African violet increases the energy of marriage, attracts wealth and improves the professional reputation of the host. They clean old and heavy energy, so they are useful for psychics and healers. African violet is great for cleaning rooms and offices, but also for the physical body. Purple is the color of healing. It supports bone growth, alleviates rheumatism and kidney problems, sciatica, reduces nervousness, epilepsy and has a positive effect on neuralgia.
  4. Lilac – this beautiful and fragrant flower has a calming effect. It solves stress due to accumulated obligations. It is suitable for people who suffer from depression and anxiety, but also for lonely people in their own home. Irritating and depressing thoughts will be replaced with cheerfulness and positive attitudes.
  5. Gardenia – gardenia is an excellent plant for people who have chronic stress and depression and a feeling of hopelessness due to problems. Flowers remove stressful emotions from everyday life. They encourage laughter and fun in the entire environment. Spreads the energy of refinement, positive thoughts and dreams. People forget stress and worries more easily due to gardenia grown in homes.
  6. Orchid – orchids are symbols of beauty, love, wealth of spirit and material wealth. It strengthens existing relationships and brings love into the home if it is placed in the love sector. The orchid is effective in a business environment because it represents fertility and contributes to the multiplication of favorable business opportunities and luck. Orchid energy reminds people that they deserve the best and that they should only focus on the best. The ancient Greeks considered the orchid a symbol of masculinity and fertility. Europeans from the Victorian era considered the orchid luxury and elegance.
  7. Red rose – a rose is normally a modest flower that the red color transforms into passionate love, strength and lust. Red roses symbolize beauty, courage and virtue. It has a powerful exhausting energy that melts the blockages in everyone’s heart. This makes it easier for people to attract and strengthen love in their lives. The rose belongs to the Yang principle and is associated with the archangel Uriel.
  8. Calendula – calendula flowers have an antihistamine effect and are an excellent solution against spring allergies. Calendula flower tea will even completely cure allergic inflammatory conditions and restore the structure of the mucous membrane. An infusion of calendula flowers is made by pouring 2 tablespoons of flowers into 500 ml of boiled water and keeping it for 2 hours. One spoon is taken three times a day. This calendula infusion solves all allergy symptoms.

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